bush babies updates

Great week in our bush babies room this week. We have started making our first Christmas crafts during the week. The children painted large pieces of white paper green in preparation for creating our Christmas tree which we are making from recycled tissue boxes. We are using the paper to cover the boxes then going to build them up to look like a tree. We will add a sparkly star to the top and our Christmas tree made from recycled resources will be finished.

Continuing on from the children's interest in their environment we made a trip down to the field during the week. We watered the veggies and fruit trees that are growing down there. We played in the dirt patch making tracks to drive our cars and trucks on. Some children helped build a dirt ramp that we could push our trucks down and watch them fly off. This was a very popular addition to the dirt patch.

We got to celebrate 2 very special birthdays this week with both Lachie and William turning 2. We sang happy birthday and had birthday cupcakes to share. Thanks for another great week Bush babies.