Great week in the Bush Babies room. This week we have continued on with the children's interest in nature by getting them to help with looking after the gardens we have planted. Each day the plants must be watered so we fill up the children's watering cans and they take turns at watering our plants. This has been a great opportunity in getting the children to begin to recognise the importance of the environment and our effect on it.

We had fun this week when a huge pile of dirt got delivered in the front field. We took some of our bush babies down to explore. We took trucks and cars and had a great time making roads and tracks for them to drive on. We used shovels to dig holes and created mountains for our trucks to drive around.

We had lots of music in our room this week. The children loved listening and dancing along to the bush babies educators playing instruments and singing. We have been singing some new song this week. 'This little beehive', ' Dingle, dangle scarecrow ', 'Miss Polly had a dolly' and ' Where is Thumbkin'. This been nice seeing the children trying to copy the actions as we sing.

Thanks for a fun week Bush Babies looking follow to more adventures next week.

Great week in our bush babies room this week. With some of our babies starting to walk there was lots of exploring and adventure. Our outdoor area is always popular with lots of space for the children to develop their independence and confidence while connecting to their world. The sandpit was a popular area this week. We sprayed water over the sand so we could use the wet sand it fill our molds and make shapes. The children soon realized that dry sand wouldn't work so we encourage them to use the wetter sand and watched as they were successful in creating their shapes. Building sandcastle up and them smashing hem down was lots of fun.

With the children showing more interest in climbing we created a larger obstacle course for them to try. It war nice to see lots of out older bush babies having a go. Our educators were there to show support and give encouragement when needed.

The children always enjoy singing so to extend on this we added some musical instruments to our group times. The educators sang while the children played along. We marched around happily singing and making music. This was lots of fun for everyone.

With the year starting to come to an end it is so lovely to see our bush babies developing a strong sense of identity. Watching them confidently engage and explore their kindy environment and seeing the secure attachments they have developed with their educators.


Great start to the week at Kindy with a fun interactive Reptile show. Kim, the reptile man bought along some friendly reptiles for the children to look at and to touch. We got to pat a snake, hold a huge green frog, chase a turtle, kiss a cockroach and saw a lizard with a long blue tongue.

The children all got an opportunity to have a close up look at the reptiles and some were very brave and even held or touched one. The children made turtle and snake craft to go along with our visit.

With spring in the air we had our resident mother duck and her 9 ducklings come to visit us in the Bush Babies play ground. The mother duck marched them all in and they got stuck in the corner. Pete had to help usher them into the right direction so they could go back to their pond. The children loved watching them as they rested in the sun.

The bush babies loved playing in our new wooden car this week. We were very lucky to get a new car for our outdoor play area. This has promoted lots of car songs and pro social skills like turn taking and sharing. Thanks for a fun week Bush Babies.

Another amazing week in the Bush Babies room. With this beautiful weather we have had lots of exploring in our outdoor environment. We've enjoyed lots of ball games including kicking , rolling and catching. Extending on the children interest in balls Miss Charlie helped the children make beautiful, colourful prints using golf balls and coloured paints. The children have really enjoyed the kitchen area during inside play this week. The children's interest in cooking first developed in the sandpit and they have continued this interest inside. We have enjoyed lots of music and singing this week with Miss Kelly playing the xylophone and performing a little concert with the children. The children were all moving their bodies and attempting to sing along to some of our favourite songs. 'If your happy and you know it', 'Head, shoulder, knees and toes', 'Wheels on the bus' and 'The ants go marching'. It has been a really fun week with the bush babies. Looking forward to more fun next week.

We had a very fun and exciting week in the Bush Babies room this week. Starting out with our special fathers day afternoon tea on Monday. Thank you to all the fathers and grandfathers that came along. The weather started out windy this week. The children enjoying kicking the leaves around in the playground and watching the wind pick them up. We did some string paintings with Miss Tash to represent the windy weather. This week we celebrated Charlies 2nd birthday. We sang Happy Birthday to him along with some of our other favorite songs. During the morning we put on some Wiggles songs and had a dance along to the music.

We added some family pictures to our class room tree. Thank you to the families that have bought in a photo. Its a great way for the children to connect with their kindy environment and helps them to develop a sense of belonging. Please bring one in if you haven't already.

The beautiful rainbow lorikeets came for a visit on Thursday. We fed them watermelon and bread and were mesmerized as we watched them eat. This was a great opportunity to extend on the children language and vocabulary. Miss Micah was asking some of the children what colours the birds were. Miss Micah said she could see red. Mason said he could see blue, Harper said yellow and green. Miss Micah began whistling and some of the children tried to copy her. To extend on this experience the children create amazing paintings using rainbow colours. We added eyes and cut them out attaching them to black paper so they look like beautiful rainbow lorikeets. We have created a beautiful display of these paintings in our room to reflect on this fun learning experience.

We welcomed 2 new friends at Kindy this week. Welcome Kia and Sophia. They both had a fun first day and we look forward to having you both in our room.

Thanks for a great week

It was pyjama week at Kindy this week and it was lovely to see our Bush Babies looking so cute in their pyjamas.

With the beautiful weather we had this week the Bush Babies got to enjoy the sunshine with lots of outdoor exploration. The children spent time exploring the outdoor environment, finding things that had fallen from the trees. This was a great opportunity to foster the children's common interest in nature and also to extend on their language development by naming the objects as we looked and explored them.

We were very lucky to have a friendly kookaburra sit and watch us one afternoon. The children were very excited to see him sitting so close. We sang 'Kookaburra sits in the old gumtree' as Miss Indi showed the children how to make kookaburra noises. It's great to see the children so curious about their environment.

During outdoor play the children loved engaging in gross motor activities. Climbing on the obstacle course and riding the bikes were very popular. As were ball games. Kicking the ball between Educator and children was a great opportunity to further develop the children's developing gross motor skills and strengths.

Overall a wonderful week.

What a wonderful week we have had in the Bush Babies, we have had lovely weather this week so the Bush Babies have loved exploring the outdoor area with their peers and educators. This week we celebrated NAIDOC week, to extend on this the Bush Babies participated in a group project of hand prints and foot prints which we will display on the wall. The Bush Babies loved feeling the texture of the paint on their hands as they created their handprint collage. During indoor play the trucks and wooden blocks have been very popular with the children to further extend on this we added big trucks for the children to explore. Also following on from Sasa visit to the harvest festival we added some farm animals to our block area for the children to explore which have also been very popular. During group times we have loved singing old McDonald had a farm using the different animal puppets!!

Thank you for a great week :)

We played with the musical instruments, following on from the children's interest in exploring what different sounds, different objects made when tap against. While playing with the musical instruments we sang songs and did actions, looking at the different sounds each instrument made.

Some of the children were hiding and playing peek a boo, this lead to making some cubby houses/forts from material, this lead onto some parachute fun. After the rain cleared up on Thursday the children participated in playing with the colourful parachute, taking it in turns to hide under the parachute, laughing and smiling.

On Friday it was Red Nose Day, to acknowledge this we drew faces on paper plates and the children used a round sponge, dipped in red paint to make the nose on the face. We also played with some red balloons, using our gross and fine motor skills to throw, catch and hold onto the balloons. We did stamp circle paintings, using a variety of different colours, encouraging the children to label the different colours that they were using.

Next week is NAIDOC week. The importance, resilience and richness of Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander languages will be the focus of national celebrations marking NAIDOC Week 2017.

From the first week of July Miss Brittney and Miss Taryn will be dropping down to four days a week, leading up to their maternity leave. Miss Brittney will now be having Mondays off and Miss Taryn will be off on Wednesdays.

This week in the bush babies it was science week, to extend on this we engaged in experimental play. The Bush Babies had a lovely time exploring "puffy paint" creating beautiful artworks with a different medium that we are used to. We also did an experiment with the children using playdough we created a caterpillar we then used vinegar and bi carb soda to make the caterpillar go fizzy. The Bush Babies loved watching this experiment watching on with great concentration. Also this week in the Bush Babies we loved be outside and we al, had a great time exploring the playground with our peers, the bush Babies also looked fed chasing the bubbles around the play ground smiling and laughing throughout their play. Thank you for a great week.

What a wonderful week we have had in the Bush Babies!!

This week the Bush Babies loved being outdoors while it wasn't raining. To extend on our interest in our natural environment we went on a nature hunt and collected different natural materials, we then took them inside and explored them felling the different textures and smelling the flower petals. We then created sun catchers with our natural materials using cardboard and contact paper. We then continued with this interest outside exploring the different textures we could find, we used paper and crayons to do rubbings. The bush babies had a wonderful time creating the texture rubbings and exploring the different textures in our outside environment.

This week we also planted some seeds into our garden, the Bush Babies helped Miss Indi and Miss Maddi plant the different seeds. We planted carrots, parsley, spring onion and lettuce.

we can't wait to watch them grow.

Thank you for a great week.

What a great week we had in the bush babies room, we had lots of outdoor play. Some of the children have been interested in watching the trucks on the construction site next door pointing and saying ' truck truck'. We have also recently got some new truck books that the children have been intrigued in. To extend on this interest we did some painting using trucks to spread the paint on the paper. We also explored with some trucks in the sandpit.

We were very lucky to celebrate Linnea and Ellie's birthday at kindy this week by singing Happy birthday and enjoying some of their yummy birthday cakes. The girls enjoyed celebrating this milestone with their peers becoming aware of the concept of birthdays as they shared the joy of wishing their peer a happy birthday & joining in with singing happy birthday!

We re-planted our garden this week by pulling out old plants and getting ready for some new ones. We talked about how we look after our plants by giving them lots of water to grow. To follow on with this some of the children helped Miss Indi collect some worm juice from the Gumnut room to feed our plants & prepare our soil.

What a great week we have had in the Bush Babies, the start of the week we had lovely weather and all of the Bush Babies had a wonderful time exploring our outdoor environment developing their physical skills as they explored the obstacle course, bikes and balls. The Bush picture books have been very popular wwith the Bush Babies and have encouraged their verbal communication as they pointed and labeled the different pictures they could see.

To extend on a child's interest we added dolls into our room for the bush babies to explore. The Bush Babies showed their gentle and caring side as they gave the baby dolls cuddles, carried them around and put blankets on them to keep them warm.

Thank you for a great week

This week in the Bush Babies we have been very busy getting ready for Mother's Day! The Bush Babies had a lovely time creating presents for their Mums to enjoy! We also had our Mothers Day afternoon tea which was lovely.

The Bush Babies loved playing with their Mums and Grandmas in the playground and doing beautiful artworks together. Thank you to everyone that came it was a fun afternoon! This week in the Bush Babies we also extended upon our autumn interest while outside we have loved looking at the different leaves and petals that have fallen and we did beautiful collage using natural materials.

We also worked together to create our very own autumn tree in our room. We used bark and our hand prints to create the tree. Thank you for a great week!

Love the Bush Babies Educators

This week in the Bush Babies we had lovely weather so the Bush Babies had a wonderful time exploring the outdoor environment with their peers and Educators.

During this time the Bush Babies engaged in lots of different physical activities including running, dancing, riding bikes, climbing and exploring ball play. As our trees in our outdoor environment have been dropping leaves and petals the Bush Babies have been collecting these and looking at them closely during their play.

To extend on this the Bush Babies engaged in a group nature collage and individual nature collage. We welcomed lots of new friends this week in to the Bush Babies who all had a lovely time exploring their new environment and building relationships with their new peers and Educators.

Thank you for a great week!!

This week we have enjoyed the beautiful weather it's given the Bushbabies time to experience the changes in our garden and environment.

We have been exploring different ways to use our environment to create our craft. The babies have shown interest in the flowers and leaves . Miss Micah carried a large tub around and with the children's help collected lots of wonderful items from the yard. We showed the babies the flowers after a couple of days and how they had started to go soft and discolour .On Friday the children used Hessian to create their artwork on our wall .

The children are growing so fast and we are fascinated to watch their development.

Please if you have anything you would like to discuss with our staff please see us . Also be mindful of our changing weather also as it can turn cold very quickly.

Miss Geordie will be on annual leave for a month , we wish her a great holiday.

Bush Babies Rock !

We had a busy week lots of outside activities the children are enjoying the weather and being able to run around and explore our garden. The leaves have been falling in the yard and we have been collecting them . The babies have looked at how the leaves smelt and felt .

We are going to extend this interest through books and craft also group time exploring the environment.

Please always look at the weather as it changes quickly during the day and put in some suitable for the day .

We will be looking at Mothers Day craft next week very exciting Shhhh.

The children are starting to interact with each other and form little bonds , they chat in their own way to each other and can convey their wants and needs .We are very proud of them and look forward to the new developments during the year GO BUSH BABIES !!.

Due to the rainy weather we had some of the bush babies come and play in our room during the week. This was a lovely experience for many of the children, those who have siblings were able to play with them and some of the Snugglepots made friends with the bush babies and showed them around the yard.

Whilst the sun was out the gross motor equipment was very popular as the children challenged them selves with the new layout of the climbing frame. The children have shown great care for one another by holding onto each other's hands to help cross all the obstacles.

This week in the Bush Babies it was photo week, all of the Bush Babies did such a fantastic job at smiling for their individual photos and group photos! This week the Bush Babies also had lots of time playing outside as the weather was beautiful. Throughout this time the Bush Babies confidently explored their environment as they built relationships with their peers and educators.

This week in the Bush Babies we had lots of adventures to the big field. The Bush Babies had a lovely time exploring their environment with their friends and Educators. Throughout our time on the field the Bush Babies had a great time looking at the different trees, plants and picking up leaves. Also while we were out on the field we got to meet the preschool rabbit 'Caramel' the Bush Babies loved patting the rabbit. To extend on this we sang 'Mr peter rabbit' and ' hop little bunnies'.

This week the Bush Babies have lost bed exploring the puppets during free play so we have been including puppets into our daily group times using them as props to sing all of our favourite songs.

Thank you for a great week x :)

This week at kindy it rained all week, but this didn't stop us from having lots of fun in the Bush Baby room. Throughout the week the Bush Babies looked out our windows watching the rain and the puddles forming in our playground. To extend on this we sung rain songs including 'rain is falling down' ' rain rain go away' and 'its raining it's pouring'. Throughout the week we also watched as the birds jumped and played in the puddles, the Bush Babies thought this was very funny. For a creative experience the Bush Babies made rain sticks, the Bush Babies painted cylinders with beautiful bright colours, we then filled the cylinders with rice for the children to explore the different sounds they could make. Thank you for a great week.

This week in the Bush Babies we were very excited to meet the baby chicks, All of the Bush Babies did a great job at using their gentle hands to carefully pat the chickens.

Also this week the Bush Babies have loved exploring the outdoor environment, the Bush Babies have been showing an interest in their physical development as they practised their jumping, riding the bikes, pushing the walkers and chasing bubbles. To further to extend on this interest and development we extended on our obstacle course making it more challenging for the Bush Babies. All of the children have loved exploring the new challenging obstacle course sharing the space with their peers as they develop physical skills.

Thank you for a great week :)

In the Bush Babies this week we have been focusing on sensory experiences such as finger painting with different textures ( grass, glitter and sand) and children using paintbrushes to paint their hands. This focus has been an extension on the children's interest of the wet sand, grass and leaves whilst playing outside in between the rain.

With the Bushbabies watching the rain outside the window this week we have been teaching the children the song ' rain rain go away' and participated in a craft experience using glitter and cotton balls to replicate rain falling from a cloud.

The Bushbabies room have received some books that focus on first words, sensory and animals. The children have expressed interest and enjoyment in these by pointing and mimicking sounds from the educators.

It is really nice to see our new bushbaby friends settling into the room.

Next week we look forward to receiving baby chickens at the centre.

This week in the Bush Babies we all loved being outside exploring the outdoor area with our friends and educators. The Bush babies loved riding the bikes and also pushing them around the playground developing their physical skills throughout their play.

As the weather hAs been really warm this week the Bush Babies checked our bird friends each day, feeding them our food scraps and filling up their water. The Bush Babies loved watching the different birds eat our scraps and drink the water out of the bucket.this experience helps to develop a growing understanding and knowledge of the world around us and how we can care for our environment.

This week in the Bush Babies we also celebrated Valentine's Day, the Bush Babies had a great time creating beautiful art works with different coloured love hearts and glitter.

Thank you for a great week

The Bush Babies :)

It was a hot week last week which limited our play in the outdoor environment. We had lots of fun inside instead.

The children have been enjoying all of our songs that we sing with them and especially “Old McDonald.” We use the animal puppets when we make each animal sound and they thoroughly enjoy the visual addition to the song. The children excitedly anticipate the next animal that is going to come out of the box and the sound they will make. Another favourite is most definitely “Open Shut Them.” The Bush Babies love making the actions with the Educators demonstrating memory recall and coordination.

We hope to get out in the yard for some outdoor play a bit more this week if the weather cools down a little!

Have a great week!

This week in the bush babies we celebrated Chinese New Year - the year of rooster The bush babies loved engaging in creative experiences which included making lanterns and roosters. For a sensory experience Miss Brittney and the Bush babies did finger painting but on bubble wrap. The bush babies all responded very differently to this experience some were hesitant to touch the paint with their fingers and others loved having the paint all over their hands. Also during the week the children became interested in the coloured plates, they held them to their faces looking through the different colours. To extend on this we laminated different coloured cellophane for the children to explore on the windows. The bush babies have loved looking through the different colours. This week the bush babies have also loved the puppets, the bush babies educators have used their the different puppets throughout group times.

Thank you for a great week

This week at kindy we celebrated Australian week, the bush babies loved getting creative and participated in lots of different craft this week including green and gold painting and hand print painting to make the Aboriginal flag. This week we had a lot of inside time because of rain and hot weather but that didn't stop us from having lots of fun! The Bush Babies moved their bodies to music and loved singing songs and looking at books at group time. The balls have been popular this week the children exploring their different uses throwing, bouncing and even balancing on them! Thank you for a great week.

We have settled very well this week our babies are enjoying our sometimes crazy routine in this wonderful room. We have been using our developing craft skills to create our leaves for the family tree it's starting to look amazingly. Please bring your photos so we can add them .

We are excited to welcome Miss Britt back from holidays. Miss Britt brings her experience into our room and is very enthusiastic to add to our experiences.

We will continue to explore the children's interests and experiences during their time with us to learn more about them and help them develop a " strong sense of belonging " .

We appreciate our families helping us in the morning by putting the nappies and bottles away .

Please ask the staff if you have any worries we only too pleased to help .