Another amazing week in the Bush Babies room. With this beautiful weather we have had lots of exploring in our outdoor environment. We've enjoyed lots of ball games including kicking , rolling and catching. Extending on the children interest in balls Miss Charlie helped the children make beautiful, colourful prints using golf balls and coloured paints. The children have really enjoyed the kitchen area during inside play this week. The children's interest in cooking first developed in the sandpit and they have continued this interest inside. We have enjoyed lots of music and singing this week with Miss Kelly playing the xylophone and performing a little concert with the children. The children were all moving their bodies and attempting to sing along to some of our favourite songs. 'If your happy and you know it', 'Head, shoulder, knees and toes', 'Wheels on the bus' and 'The ants go marching'. It has been a really fun week with the bush babies. Looking forward to more fun next week.