Another amazing week we've had in our bush babies room this week. With this being recycling week we have tried to incorporate reusing and recycling things in our environment into our daily activities. We made craft using old plastic drink bottles and old scrapes of coloured paper, we used old newspapers in our worm farms as bedding for the worms and we have been continuing on with using our morning tea and lunch scrapes to feed the birds and to put back into our worm farms. Our herb gardens are flourishing with this warm weather and we have been continuing to water and care for them. They are growing on the wall near our sandpit if you would like to see them.

The bush babies spent lots of time exploring our outdoor environment this week. Extending on developing their large gross motor skills was a focus. We encouraged the children to join in on ball games like kicking and catching to help with hand eye coordination and foot eye coordination. We had some running races where the children practice their balance and strengthened their muscles. Riding the bikes was also popular with some of the older children racing each other around the timber deck. They had to scoot fast with their little legs while controlling the wheel as to not crash and successfully manoeuvre around objects. Lots of fun was had in the bush babies room. We are looking forward to more adventure next week.