emu updates

This week we followed the children’s interests in ladybugs after Asher, Chase and Madden had fun making homes for them in the playground. The children enjoyed listening to a Dr Sues story about bugs called On beyond bugs. This sparked the children’s interests in bugs further. We later made our own ladybugs at craft, using googly eyes and red and black crepe paper. The children noted that insects have six legs as they created. The children were delighted to later find ladybugs in the playground. We learnt that some ladybugs can let off a smell to protect themselves in the environment.

he children also displayed interests in caring for others, being dramatic and pretending to be doctors. We created a doctors play area with our friends. Here, the children have been exploring the roles and identities of patients and doctors. Hannah came in with a sore thumb that she had an X-ray on. Everyone displayed empathy towards Hannah and were very interested to examine the X-ray. We hope your thumb heal fast Hannah.

In the Emu room we created a beauty parlour play area that has been extremely popular. Here the children have been using language to describe to each other how they would like to be styled or to ask each other what they would like to be dressed up as. This area has been great for the children’s language and social skills.

We hope you all enjoy a lovely weekend! Love from Miss Jess and Miss Wendy xoxo.

Our Emu friends enjoyed an interesting week of fun and learning surrounding gathering knowledge about different occupations that exist within the community. We had many parents come in to talk to the children about their occupations throughout the week. Thank you so much! We had Oscar’s Dad come in and talk to us about being an electrician. Hannah’s Dad spoke to us about being a Minister. Mia’s Dad spoke to us about being a teacher. Spencer’s Mum spoke to us about her job in a café. The children enjoyed listening to all the interesting information about these different occupations. We enjoyed being creative with the conduit that Oscar’s Dad left for us to investigate. The children interacted with a variety of materials that reflect occupations within our community such as doctors’ and vet’s tools, builder’s tools, and dress up clothes. Throughout the week our Emu friends had fun playing the card game fish with occupation play cards.

We enjoyed a fun and interesting from the reptile man Kim on Tuesday. This was a great follow on from last week when our friend Jacob brought in a big carpet snake’s skin. The children loved viewing a range of different reptiles and insects, and laughed at the funny reptile man as he told us different stories about the creatures he had brought. Some of the creatures we saw were a turtle, a cockroach, snakes, lizards and a frog. We all enjoyed feeling the different animal’s skins. Our student teachers were called up and Miss Tayla had a snake put on her head, and Miss Abby had to kiss a giant cockroach. Our Emu friends enjoyed extending on this visit indoors as they created wonderful paintings of the creatures they had seen, used language to identify different reptiles, we discussed how to be safe if we see different reptiles in the wild, and created lovely collages of snakes and turtles using materials that represent the skin of the different animals.

Pets: During Teddy Bear Picnic week, our Emu friends were placing their toys in the old rabbit hutch and calling them their pets and the rocks were their food. From the children’s interest we created a pet project area with vets on the table, toy animals, animal stories and animal food. We have had a lot of fun with interesting activities and the children have enjoyed doing animal yoga, making dog treats, guess the animal, games, singing new songs, animal masks and dog origami. We incorporated mathematical thinking by creating a picture graph of the children’s pets. The Emus counted and identified which animal had the most and which animal had the least. Miss Tayla’s friend came in with her dog Bonnie on Friday 6th September and performed special tricks. Bonnie performs in competitions and showed the Emus sit, shake, hi-5, hi-10, jump, speak, weaving through legs, find the treat, knock the building over and jumping over our friend’s arms.

Reminder: As many of our friends are very interested in soccer and football recently we are having a Footy fun-day this Tuesday, October 10. Please bring your child dressed in their footy clothes. We will provide dress ups for the day also. We will be further exploring a range of football players and their playing positions. We will enjoy a fun football game at the field together, and have been learning a football song together that we have been singing with team spirit. We would love for our families to contribute, if you anyone would like to come and speak to the children about football or coach our game of football this would be great! Thank you!

We hope you all enjoy a lovely weekend. Love from Miss Jess and Miss Wendy xoxo.

Our Emu friends enjoyed a fun filled week engaging in activities and learning experiences surrounding their teddy bears. Every day we ventured to the field with our teddy bears or special toys and Koala and Joey friends. We enjoyed a lovely picnic together of assorted sandwiches and custard, yoghurt or ice-creams. We then had fun interacting together at the field with our teddy bears. Throughout the week we had fun singing songs about teddy bears such as ‘Teddy bear, teddy bear turn around’, ‘Rock a bye bear’, and ‘Today’s the day the teddy bears have their picnic’. We got physical and played toss the teddy, taking turns of tossing our teddy bears into crates. The children also enjoyed listening to and joining in with stories about teddies such as ‘Don’t wake the bear’, ‘The terrible plop’, and ‘Leo the bear.’

Jacob brought in a carpet snake’s skin to us. The snake had been hiding in his grandad’s rafters. This is a great lead up to the reptile show this Tuesday. We enjoyed painting snake’s skins using bubble wrap as a painting medium to represent the snake’s skin. We are enthused for our reptile show and to meet a range of different animals on Tuesday. We hope you all enjoy a lovely long weekend. Love from Miss Jess and Miss Wendy xoxo

The Emu children have enjoyed a fun filled week engaging in gift making activities for father’s day. The children created beautiful cards for their father’s uncles, poppies and stepdads. We finished the final touches to our gifts, and painted wrapping paper for our gifts. On Wednesday we had so much fun at the father’s day afternoon tea. The children sung three songs for our visitors. The songs were; Father’s day. Daddy, daddy, and hush little baby don’t say a word. Many children enjoyed soccer games, craft activities and yummy treats with their special man who attended on the afternoon. It was such a great turn out. Thank you all so much for coming. We hope you all enjoyed a special father’s day together.

Love from Miss Jess and Miss Wendy xoxo.

This week the Emu children are enjoying wearing their pyjamas to kindergarten each day. The children have been giggling at their peers and educators as we arrive wearing our PJ’s. The children were enthusiastic to see what patterns and characters were printed on each other’s pyjamas and were particularly excited if they were wearing the same pyjamas. Throughout the week we have been engaging in learning activities surrounding bedtime, and the important things to remember to do before bedtime such as brushing our teeth, listening to a bedtime story, or giving a goodnight kiss. The Emu children have enjoyed listening to story books about bedtime such as The things I love about Bedtime, All change, and Bear’s kiss goodnight. We have enjoyed using language and hand actions to sing our favourite lullabies before rest time such as ‘Rock a bye bear’, ‘My pigeon house’, and ‘Skinny Marinky Dinky Dink.’ We discussed how singing lullabies can help to calm our bodies down before bedtime. Many Emu friends also enjoyed sharing with us their favourite bed time storybook throughout the week.

Thank you all for joining in, and wearing your PJ’s throughout the week.

We hope you all enjoy a lovely weekend. Love from Miss Jess and Miss Wendy xoxo.

Monday - The children enjoyed examining a range of Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander cultural items such as boomerangs, rain sticks, artworks and Dreamtime stories. We learnt about the Wiradjuri peoples from the Great Dividing Range region and their beautiful cave artworks. We had a go at creating some of our hands using spray bottles and colours from the Aboriginal flag.

Tuesday - The children examined photographs of carvings from our local Darkinjung peoples in bouddi national park. We created some of our own using park and neutral paints as our mediums. We also enjoyed listening to the Dreamtime story 'The crow'.

Wednesday - We had a special visit from Willow's Aunty and cousin for NAIDOC week. We were lucky to listen to the Dreamtime story 'How the birds got their colours' as it was painted for us. We were also delighted to learn some Aboriginal dance moves from Willow's cousin. The children learnt a song that is a lullaby called Inanay capuana. We have loved singing this song before quiet time throughout the week.

Thursday- As the theme for NAIDOC week this year is 'Our languages matter' we have been learning two Torres Strait Islander songs. One was taught to us by Willow's Aunty on Wednesday, and the children have also been enjoying learning Taba Naba, a sit down action song about having a good time at the reef.

Friday - The children had fun engaging in a pretend corroborree. We painted our faces in the colours of the Aboriginal flag, encouraging the children to note the representations of each colour. Yellow- sun. Red- land. Black- The people. Throughout the week many children have also enjoyed recreating the Aboriginal flag using collage materials.

We hope you all enjoy as lovely weekend. Love from Miss Jess and Miss Wendy xoxo.

It was a pirate’s life for the Emu children who had fun following their interests in pirates after a fun treasure hunt with Jaiden the previous Friday. We changed our dinosaur play area into a pirates play area, enjoying interacting with new play items such as pirate eye patched donated by Leah (thank you!), pirate and sailor dress up clothes, a treasure box that many peers have been enjoying engaging with while digging and hiding treasure with their peers. We have also been enjoying interacting with a variety of sea creature toys and treasure maps.

At art and craft we have enjoyed creating treasure boxes using glittering, individual designs. We also further explored shapes and geometry as we created pirate ships made from shapes. On Wednesday we enjoyed using language to talk like pirates with our peers and educators, and we had a lot of fun making pirate hats from newspaper and wearing them around to further explore the identity of pirates. On Thursday we had a lot of fun dipping stones into golden paint to create more treasure for our pirate play area. Red nose day was on Friday. Thank you so much to everyone who donated money to this important charity. The children enjoyed sparkling red collaging activities, and a fun disco. We discussed the importance of caring for and giving to others in need during group experiences. Reminder: NAIDOC week is next week!

We hope you all enjoy a lovely weekend. Love from Miss Jess and Miss Wendy xoxo.

Our little scientists have loved this week. The Emu children have participated in many different experiments to further their curiousity and help them engage in scientific exploration teaching them to question why and how things work. We have looked at probability and the children have used their knowledge to make estimations about different outcomes. We have coloured water added celery to see which would absorb the most colour. Explored sinking, floating and buoyancy using varied products, made snow, looked at how mist is created, filled a zip lock bag full of water then pushed pencils through to see if the water would leak out. The children helped to make a volcano and watch it erupt. Like all scientists not all went to plan when we tried to get a balloon to shrink to go in a glass jar by putting in a lit piece of paper, the balloon burst instead. We then viewed this on you tube so the children could see what should have happened. We made special paint with self raising flour then baked the children's painting in the microwave for 30 seconds they were amazed to see them grow. We were even lucky enough to have a science teacher come up and do some experiments for us.

The children loved watching as she made elephant toothpaste and water walk. It was wonderful to be part of this week as the children became involved and eager in their learning.

We hope you all enjoy a wonderful weekend. See you all next week for another fun week of fun and learning! Love from Miss Jess and Miss Wendy xoxo

We hope that everyone enjoyed a safe and relaxing long weekend for the Queen's birthday.

Returning back to kindergarten on Tuesday, Asher and Jack were excited to tell us about their experiences at the Sydney vivid lights festival. 'I saw police horses. My favourite thing was the Opera house' Asher told us. 'I went to the lights at the zoo' Jack told us. Throughout the week the children were offered the opportunities to engage in vivid lights festival paintings, and to view photographs of the festival with their peers. Please email us photos of your child at the festival. Thanks!

On Wednesday we all enjoyed celebrating with Indi for her fifth birthday. Indi told us 'I got lots of craft for my birthday and I can't wait to make a tiara!' Everyone sang Indi 'Happy birthday!' and we had fun playing Indi's birthday game 'Doggy who has got your bone?' In the afternoon we all made party hats and had a fun dance together.

On Thursday and Friday many children displayed interests in jungle animals and their different features, particularly their different kinds of skins and prints. We engaged in craft and art experiences where we represented the prints of tigers, elephants, cheetahs and zebras. The children displayed knowledge of how to create different textures in their artworks. The children also enjoyed creating a jungle play area where they are making further links with jungle animals and their features.

Reminder: Science week is next week!

Love from Miss Jess and Miss Wendy xoxo.

On Monday Miss Jess brought in some photos of her Sydney harbour cruise seeing the vivid lights. Many children were enthused to discuss the event, especially Lily who is going to see the lights with her family at the weekend. The children used language to identify different landmarks they could see in the photographs such as the Harbour Bridge and Opera house. Throughout the day many children enjoyed discussing the lights festival with Miss Jess as they created beautiful, colourful cotton tip paintings of the event. Please bring in or email us photos to add to our Vivid lights wall if you attend with your child. Thank you!

On Tuesday Noah.M brought in some sensory stretch toys. The children enjoyed having turns of these toys, especially enjoying the 'squishy' feeling of them. To extend on theses interests we create goop with the children. The children used language to identify the ingredients; cornflour, food colouring, water and salt. Throughout the day many friend had fun exploring the sticky goop, and used language to identify the feeling of the textured goop.

From Thursday onwards the children have enjoyed investigating the season of winter, after Noah.M mentioned the seasonal change. We have begun learning a song called 'Let's sing a winter's song', which the children are picking up very well. Chase brought in some old CD's that we have recycled and turned into snowflakes. Thank you Chase! The children have loved collaging the CD's and they look lovely in our winter time learning area. On Friday many children enjoyed crafting snowmen from a variety of craft materials. We have also been enjoying listening to stories about winter time such as Snowbears and What's the weather like today?

We hope you all enjoy a lovely weekend. Love from Miss Jess and Miss Wendy xoxo.

The Emu children were enthused to follow their peer Oscar’s interests of book making on Monday. Oscar had been creating a book about dinosaurs and superheroes with his dad at home, and had begun creating a similar book at kindergarten during morning free play. During morning meeting we praised Oscar for his efforts and discussed how books have a title, a beginning, middle and ending. Many children were enthused to create their own books too. The children were guided to create their books from white paper, and enjoyed drawing pictures, and asking for guidance to write particular words for their stories. Noah.W created a book about ‘Monsters’, Leah created a book about ‘birthdays’ and Spencer created a book about Mother’s day.

On Tuesday morning Asher found a tiny grass bug in the playground which spurred our curriculum for the day. Many peers enjoyed holding the bug and letting it tickle their hands before safely placing it back into the garden. Indoors we enjoyed listening to stories about bugs such as Zoe’s web. We also created bugs from our thumb prints and later gave them bodies when the paint had dried. The children were very creative with their bug designs.

On Wednesday and Thursday we followed the children’s growing interests in dinosaurs, and cut up collage pieces that look like different dinosaur body parts for the children to explore. The children really enjoyed this experience creating individual collages of dinosaurs, naming them and even identifying what species of dinosaur they had created.

On Friday we were excited to welcome back our friend Alannah who had been enjoying a lovely holiday with her family. Alannah was so kind and even brought back some of her peers souvenirs. The children were excited to talk about the lead up to Crazy hair week next week.

We hope you all enjoy a safe and relaxing weekend. Love from Miss Jess and Miss Wendy xoxo.

Throughout the week the Emu children were delighted to finish potting their plants, painting their wrapping paper, and crafting cards to give to their Mums for Mother’s day. The children loved giving their gifts to their Mums and we hope you all like them. During the week the Emu children listened to stories about love for our Mums such as ‘I love you Mummy’, ‘The things I love about my family’ and ‘I love you stinky face’. Every child drew a picture of their Mum and used language to explain why they love their Mum so much. Many parents have enjoyed viewing their child’s drawings and sweet messages on our ‘Why our Mums are special’ wall.

Thank you so much to everyone who was able to make the Mother’s day afternoon tea on Friday afternoon. This was a great afternoon, getting to know parents further and to share a special afternoon with your child at kindergarten. The children were delighted to perform their Mother’s day songs for you, and many children enjoyed a yummy cake and craft activity with their Mums too. We hope you all enjoyed a special Mother’s day on Sunday xo.

The Emu children enjoyed following their interests and further investigated dinosaurs. Many children enjoyed the experience of finding a dinosaur fossil that had been buried in playdough by only using paddle-pop sticks and brushes to dig them out. Oscar created a ‘dinosaur world’ by crafting it from paper and collage materials and putting his creation in the dinosaur area. Oscar and Breeze also made a bunch of dinosaur drawings and cut them out to enjoy dramtic play with together. The children had fun measuring how big dinosaurs were by placing their shoes inside the exact measurements of a brontosaurus and a tyrannosaurus Rex’s foot. The children were amazed at how big dinosaurs actually were. We also had fun using toy dinosaurs to create dinosaur track artworks.

We hope you all enjoy a relaxing weekend. Love from Miss Jess and Miss Wendy xoxo.

On Monday the children took an interest in exploring the worms in the worm farm enjoying exploring the texture of the soil, and delighting in finding the wriggly creatures. Hence, the children’s interests in the worms led our curriculum for International compost week.

The children cut up some cardboard to help to keep the worm farm dark, soggy and moist on Tuesday. We further investigated what kind of habitat the worms like to live in, and the different foods the worms like to eat. We learnt that worms like to live in wet and damp areas in soil where it is very dark. Just like the caterpillar in the story The very hungry caterpillar, worms like to eat lots of different kinds of fruits, but do not like citrus fruits. The children were able to make links that the worms eat similar foods to the kinds of foods that we put in to make compost for our gardens. We also learnt that the worms wee can be used to help the garden’s to grow similar to the way compost does. The children all thought this was quite funny.

On Wednesday our compost bin arrived and we excitedly ventured to the field to investigate the bin. We discussed why the bin can move backward and forward ‘To mess up all the food in there’ said Noah.M, ‘so then we can put it on the garden’ said Abigail. We also had fun creating our very own worm toys by twirling a pipe cleaner each around a stick. The children then added one googly eye to their worm toys. We each decorated a leaf individually to place our worm toys on and had fun being dramatic with them throughout the day.

On Thursday the children strengthened their fine motor skills as they had fun weaving pretend worms through pretend apples. The children also enjoyed takin some fruit such as watermelon and pineapple to the worms in the worm farm. Throughout the week the children displayed their awareness of how we can give back to our planet that gives us so much through composting.

Throughout the week the Emu children have immersed themselves in learning about ANZAC day. We hope everyone enjoyed the ANZAC holiday on Tuesday. Many children returned to kindergarten with stories to tell about the special public holiday. ‘I went to Terrigal beach and watched people singing’ Indi told us. ‘The helicopter woke my Mum up’ Jaiden told us. ‘I made ANZAC biscuits’ Leah told us. On Wednesday the children each painted a bright red poppy with a black dot in the middle. We later created a beautiful ANZAC wreath to display in our Emu room. The children sat as a whole group and listened to the piece of music ‘The Last Post’ many children including Oscar and Abigail commented that the music sounded ‘Sad.’

The children had fun baking delicious ANZAC biscuits on Thursday. The children each had a turn of adding in different ingredients, and creating a biscuit to later enjoy at afternoon tea. As we made our ANZAC biscuits we discussed how the ingredients were easy to find and that is why the soldiers were able to enjoy such a yummy treat at war.

We hope you all enjoy a lovely weekend. See you all next week for another week filled with fun, laughter and learning! Love Miss Jess and Miss Wendy xoxo.

To extend on our learning and investigation of shapes we began examining a range of different patterns and later created our very own patterns using shapes. The children used language to identify which shape was coming next during group times with Miss Jess as Miss Jess drew patterns and asked the children which shape was coming next in the pattern sequence. At craft the children used cut out shapes of squares, triangles, rectangles and circle to create pattern sequences.

The Emu children have enjoyed extending on their interests in their homes and roads as they helped to create a city play area. The children were filled with many ideas as to what we could put in our city play area ‘street lights’ said Alannah. ‘People’ said Oscar. ‘We could have lots of cars’ suggested Jaiden. We also added a hairdressing area to the city which many peers are enjoying creating different hair styles with. The children are enthused to continue learning about different aspects of their community as they engage in, and help to develop their city play area.

Dinosaurs – Throughout the week Asher, Coby and Austen displayed an interests in dinosaurs. We enjoyed creating a dinosaur area with the children on Friday. We had fun listening to a dinosaur story ‘Penny the Dinosaur who forgot her birthday’. We later enjoyed using language to identify the different kinds of dinosaur toys we have such as Tyronasauras Rex, Triceratops, Brachiosaurus and Apatosaurus. The children grouped the dinosaurs according to their different features. The children are enthused to continue learning about these amazing creatures next week.

We hope you all enjoy a lovely weekend. Love from Miss Jess and Miss Wendy xoxo.

This week the children have been excited to hear that the Easter bunny will be visiting us next week for our Easter hat parade on Wednesday afternoon at 3:30. The children have been discussing the lovely hats they have been making at home for this special occasion. Throughout the week we have been practicing two sons to sin for our friends at the parade. These songs are ‘In a cabin in the woods’ and ‘Little Peter Rabbit.’ We hope to see you there for this fun afternoon.

Throughout the week necklace making has been a very popular activity among the Emu children. Many friends were excited to see the new beads that we got, noting the different shapes, sizes and colours of the beads. Many children had fun creating both necklaces and bracelets as they strengthened their fine motor skills and used language to tell who they were weaving their necklaces and bracelets for.

On Thursday spiders were a popular topic after Asher asked to look up poisonous spiders. We enjoyed listening to stories about different spiders and had fun creating our very own spiders using clay and a range of paddle pop sticks, and pipe cleaners to represent the spider’s legs. On Friday we had fun creating our very own sider web using string. We all noted how clever spiders are to create such wonderful webs.

We hope you all enjoy a lovely and relaxing weekend. Love from Miss Jess and Miss Wendy xoxo.

The Emu children had fun continuing to investigate our solar system throughout the week. On Monday we discussed the different phases of the moon. The children used language to tell some of the different phases they knew. ‘That’s a full moon’ said Spencer pointing to a picture. At craft we later worked together as a team to recreate eight different phases of the moon. The children were encouraged to identify the different phases as they created such as a half, crescent, new and full moons.

On Tuesday the children enjoyed creating and naming their very own planets. The children used straws to blow paint across their pages that created a mountainous textured effect on their planets. ‘I made Jupiter’ Abigail told us. ‘I even put a red dot on it to show where the storm is on Jupiter.’

Our community – On Wednesday Chelsea brought in a local real estate booklet. Many friends had fun looking through the book and commented on the different houses inside. We later looked at the book again at morning meeting and the children decided they would like to show us what their homes look like. We cut up different shapes for the children to create their homes with. Many children were very descriptive telling us what their homes look like in detail, and showing this in their amazing drawings of their homes. We began creating a community wall which displays the children’s homes they created. On Thursday and Friday the children enjoyed creating roads to join our homes together in our community area.

We hope you all enjoy a lovely weekend. See you all next week. Love Miss Jess and Miss Wendy xoxo

This week the Emu children have been displaying a great interest in our solar system and what lies within the solar system. Throughout the week we have been creating a fun space play area with rockets, astronauts, space books and robots. Here is a brief review of our learning of the solar system this week.

Monday: The Emu children enjoyed creating their very own aliens, creatively drawing their aliens independently. Everyone’s alien’s looked so different they really displayed the children’s imaginative ideas of aliens. Afterwards, the children placed their aliens into a plastic cup and adhered it to a paper plate to represent an UFO. Many children giggled as they used language to give their aliens names.

Tuesday: The Emu’s enjoyed creating beautiful stars to hang in their space play area. The children also created rockets and a moon for the rockets to fly towards. We began learning a song called ‘Hurry and get ready we’re going to the moon!’ The children loved being dramatic as they counted backwards from 10 and pretend to blast off to the moon together.

Wednesday: We enjoyed listening to space books such as Welcome to alien school, Always, and Planets and stars. The children have been responding to questioning about our solar system well as they display their growing knowledge. For example, to transition to lunch time the children all told Miss Jess something they knew about the solar system.

Thursday: The children were creative at craft as they created their very own galaxies. The children painted on black paper to represent the night sky. The children used bright, colourful paints and used cotton tips as their painting mediums. Many children were able to represent planets, shooting stars and comets in their artworks. We added glue and litter to create the effect of stars in our galaxies.

Friday: The Emu children enjoyed going for a pretend moon walk today in their space play area. The children created the moon walk area themselves by sticking cupcake cases to a large sheet of blue and white paper. The children worked as a team to draw craters over the moon. After free play we took turns of each donning the space helmet and using the balancing steppers to walk over the moon we created. We asked the children what it felt like to go on their pretend moon walk. Some responses were; Breeze- ‘Soft and easy.’ Alannah – ‘Crunchy, hard and wobbly.’ Jaiden – ‘hard to balance.’

We hope you all enjoy a lovely weekend. Love Miss Jess & Miss Wendy xoxo. Reminder- Photo week Next week ☺

Autumn time – The Emu children have been enjoying learning about seasonal change and autumn time this week. Lily found leaves at the field and noted how they had changed colour. We worked as small groups to gather leaves from the field. Afterwards, we traced the beautiful leaves and shaded the patterns of them. We later stuck the leaves to the walls in our room and made it look as though they are falling from the trees. We decided to create an autumn area in the room. On Wednesday we created a beautiful autumn tree together. Many friends scrunched up pieces of orange, red and brown crepe paper and created a tree with falling leaves in the area. We have been listening to stories such as What’s the weather like today? And, Autumn during language groups. We made up our own song about autumn time to the jingle of – The London bridge is falling down. Instead, we sing ‘The autumn leaves are falling down.’

Baby Chicks – The children were excited to meet the baby chickens last week. We marvelled as we even got to watch four of the chicks hatch from their eggs. Throughout the week the children noted how much the chicks had grown in such a short time. The children all enjoyed holding the soft, feathered animals during small and whole group experiences. We discussed how we will soon be getting surprises from the Easter bunny and our very own eggs soon.

No Update this week

Monday – The Emu children had fun creating paintings of the ocean to extend on ocean/beach week last week. The paintings looked wonderful as the children used sand, yellow, blue and green paint with thin brushes to create. Many children enjoyed painting sea creatures in their paintings.

Tuesday – Oscar shared news showing us a diamond python skin that his dad found in their roof at home. Oscar had drawn lots of pictures of the snake, and had also drawn a rhino beetle that his dad found. We later watched a short clip of a hissing rhino beetle on youtube. Leah also shared news with us showing us the lovely pet rock she had made at home with her grandma.

Wednesday – We extended on Leah’s interests in pet rocks. Seamus and Oscar had also been interested in the rocks calling them ‘characters’. So the children all created their very own pet rocks. The children stuck eyes onto their pet rocks, coloured hem with special textas, and made them beds and blankets. Many children enjoyed giving their pet rocks names too.

Thursday – During morning free play a large group of children enjoyed creating fans from paper and used them to represent the wings and tails of peacocks. We extended on the children’s interests by watching a short clip of the noise that peacocks make with the children. The children then began creating the same noise throughout the playground. Once indoors we created coloured, pretty peacock tails, and later used them to do a peacock dance for our transition to lunch.

Friday – April arrived at kindergarten and engaged in a discussion with Miss Jess about their up and coming birthdays as they share the same birthday. 'What would you like for your birthday?' asked Miss Jess? 'Baby dolls' replied April. We later had fun preparing a baby doll play area for April and her peers under the tent area in the Emu room. We found a range of brand new multicultural dolls and excited unwrapped them together. The children marvelled at the lovely smell of the new baby dolls as they unwrapped them.

'Ohh Yummy' said Alannah as she smelt the dolls. 'It smells nice' said April as she too smelt the aroma of the new toys. We added some blankets, nappies, bottles and rattles to the area which stimulated the children's play further.

Next week we are excited to have baby chick hatchlings for the lead up to Easter. Love Miss Jess and Miss Wendy xoxo.

Throughout this week the Emu children have enjoyed creating cards for their loved ones for the learning theme of love, family and friendship surrounding Valentine ’s Day which was on Tuesday. The children used cut out love heart pieces, red and pink toothpicks and red, purple and pink glitter to decorate their cards. The children were guided to write messages on their cards for their loved ones.

The children used language to describe the people in their lives that they love and why. We put the children’s descriptions on the wall by book corner in the Emu room. Some of the children’s comments are so lovely! The children later collaged two giant love hearts using colourful crepe paper for our friendship wall.

We have also been engaging in friendship games such as ‘Sandy girl/boy’, and we have been playing games of tug-of-war and duck, duck goose. Through these activities the children have been learning to work as a team, and have been able to reach out to peers to initiate play and to join in. The children have been displaying excellent sharing and turn taking skills throughout the week while engaging in these group games.

We have been listening to stories that reflect having love for others and for ourselves such as ‘You’re special’ and ‘The things I love about my family/friends.’ The Emu’s have also been using language to sing songs about love such as ‘Skinny marinky dink’, ‘I love Max’, and ‘You are my sunshine.’

Reminder: this week is ocean week.

We hope you all enjoy a lovely weekend. See you all next week. Love from Miss Jess and Miss Wendy xoxo.

Pet week- The children have enjoyed a fun filled week learning about a range of different pets we could have. Many friends and educators have kindly brought in for us to meet. Throughout the week we have met Oscar's pet dog Chicka, Alannah's dog Luna, Miss Jess's dog Rosie, Miss Wendy's dogs Rocco and Chanel, Austen and Madden's rabbit Hank, and we have all enjoyed looking after our kindergarten pet bunny rabbit named Caramel.

Throughout these experiences the children have been using language to explain that animals need food, water, exercise and love. Here the children have been displaying an awareness of how to care for animals. The children have been discussing the importance of washing their hands after animal handling. We really enjoyed learning & singing our song about a pet puppy dog 'I love Max'.

Love Miss Jess and Miss Wendy xoxo.

Chinese New Year Celebrations with the Emu Children

This week the Emu children have enjoyed exploring some Chinese culture for Chinese New Year celebrations. This was a great way to get to know about some of our peer James’s culture and heritage. On Monday the Children examined the Chinese flag and later created them using red and yellow water colours. We then turned our Chinese flags into Chinese fans and used them to fan ourselves throughout the day.

Tuesday we looked at some simple words and translated them from English to Mandarin using a language help book. The children have been using language to say ‘Ni hao’ (hello) as we greet each day at morning meeting. As it is the year of the rooster we have been giggling as we crow like roosters.

On Wednesday the Emu children enjoyed creating pointed Chinese hats. The children painted their hats in red paint and later sprinkled gold glitter on top. This was a great activity to help strengthen the children’s fine motor skills as they had to hold the hat in one hand while painting it with the other hand. In the afternoon we enjoyed dancing around to Chinese music while wearing our Chinese hats.

We had a lot of fun on Thursday creating Chinese firecrackers. The children painted their cylinder shaped crackers in red paint, and later covered them in gold glitter. The firecrackers look amazing on display by our Chinese New Year wall in the Emu room. On Friday the children created Chinese dragon masks. We ventured outdoors with musical instruments and created a big line like a Chinese dragon. We had fun dancing and celebrating the Chinese New Year as we wore our dragon masks and played music with our instruments while walking in sync. Reminder- Pet week next week. We hope you all enjoy a lovely weekend. Love Miss Jess and Miss Wendy xoxo.

Monday- The children had fun recreating the Australian and Australian Aboriginal flags today. The children viewed photos of the flags as they were painting to help them represent the same colours. We enjoyed singing Aussie songs and chants during language group such as ‘Aussie, Aussie, Aussie! Oi, Oi, Oi!’ and ‘Tie me kangaroo down sport.’ The children have been enjoying identifying different Australian animals at group times as we read Australian stories such as Wombat went a racing and Aussie animals.

Tuesday- The children enjoyed using sticks to dot paint in green and gold. During this activity we discussed how our Australian Aboriginal peoples often used natural materials such as sticks to paint with instead of paintbrushes. During morning activities we had a lot of fun making Aussie damper. We later enjoyed the delicious damper with maple syrup after lunch.

Wednesday- The Emu’s enjoyed playing Aussie beach volley at the sand pit today. We split into two teams and giggled as we moved our bodies around hitting the ball back and forth to one another

Thursday – We hope you all enjoyed a safe and fun filled Australia day with your friends and families.

Friday – The Corroboree – The Emu children discussed how the Aboriginal people lived long ago. How they survived by hunting, where they lived and how they documented their memories. We spoke about how they participated in a corroboree prior to hunting and how they imitated the animals they were hunting around the campfire in the belief this would bring them good luck. The children all had their face painted in the colours of the aboriginal flag. The children told us what animals they believed the aboriginal people would hunt. We then all imitated the animals together moving around our campfire the children had helped to make.

Boomerang throwing- To further extend on our corroboree we ventured to the field and brought a big toy goanna and our boomerang. Every child had a turn of hunting the goanna with the boomerang. Jordan hit the goannas tail. Thanks Jordan! You caught our lunch. We all came back inside and pretended to cook the goanna on our pretend camp fire then we all pretended to eat some. Some of the children used language to tell what it tasted like 'chicken' said Alannah. 'Fish and chips' said Asher.

We hope you enjoy a lovely weekend. See you all next week. Love Miss Jess and Miss Wendy xoxo.

We have all been settling into the Emu room using a name & colour group game to get to know each others names & becoming more confident within our new group!

This week we explored the sensory experience of goop the children really enjoyed exploring this texture & new experience, some children experimented with adding new materials to the goop such as glitter to experiment. On Thursday we had a balloon party as Isabelle brought them into share with her peers, we played music & played games using the balloons.

Welcome back everyone 😊 We hope you all enjoyed a Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year. The Emu children have had a lot of fun returning to kindergarten this week. Our new friends have been enjoying exploring their new environments, and all new children have been displaying positive dispositions towards their new environments as they explore, create and discover. Our friends from last year have loved reconnecting with their peers and educators and have enjoyed exploring their new rooms. During the week we have been getting to know each other better by playing name games, telling each other our favourite colours, and playing group games such as Twister.

Many children had fun weaving coloured pasta necklaces for themselves and their loved ones. This was a great calm, settling activity, and helps to strengthen children's hand and eye coordination and fine motor skills. Block corner was very popular with the children displaying excellent construction skills and imagination in the play area.

We really liked being dramatic in home corner, using the pretend phones to call people, and using the toys to buys and sell foods. Many friends enjoyed dressing up in the pirate, witch and princess outfits too.

Many children have loved playing with the toy monster trucks and cars that Jordan's Mum brought in for us. Thank you! The children have been creating engine noises for the different vehicles, and love moving through the room during their play.

At art and craft we have enjoyed creating nature artworks, and had fun creating mooshy artworks by covering paint with cling wrap and moving the paint around on the paper.

The children have all been allocated lockers with a lovely photo to help create. Further sense of belonging for the children, and to help aid children to look after their belongings. The children have been created a sign in area to practice signing in their names each day while strengthening their pencil grips. The Emu's have been interacting a lot in this area as they search for their name tags in the basket and practice name writing.

Thanks so much to all the families who have taken a family poster to create or who have brought one in. We are looking forward to seeing the Emu's family wall completed so all our friends are able to view their family and make further family connections at kindergarten. We are looking forward to an amazing year with the Emu children filled with fun, learning, friendships and laughter. Love from the Emu room educators, Miss Jess and Miss Wendy xoxo.