emu updates

Our Emu friends enjoyed a fun filled week engaging in activities and learning experiences surrounding their teddy bears. Every day we ventured to the field with our teddy bears or special toys and Koala and Joey friends. We enjoyed a lovely picnic together of assorted sandwiches and custard, yoghurt or ice-creams. We then had fun interacting together at the field with our teddy bears. Throughout the week we had fun singing songs about teddy bears such as ‘Teddy bear, teddy bear turn around’, ‘Rock a bye bear’, and ‘Today’s the day the teddy bears have their picnic’. We got physical and played toss the teddy, taking turns of tossing our teddy bears into crates. The children also enjoyed listening to and joining in with stories about teddies such as ‘Don’t wake the bear’, ‘The terrible plop’, and ‘Leo the bear.’

Jacob brought in a carpet snake’s skin to us. The snake had been hiding in his grandad’s rafters. This is a great lead up to the reptile show this Tuesday. We enjoyed painting snake’s skins using bubble wrap as a painting medium to represent the snake’s skin. We are enthused for our reptile show and to meet a range of different animals on Tuesday. We hope you all enjoy a lovely long weekend. Love from Miss Jess and Miss Wendy xoxo