gumnuts updates

This week the Gumnuts had a comfy week in their pjs. It was a nice sunny week where we spent some time on the field playing soccer, climbing on the stepping stones, talking to our siblings through the fence and playing on the bouncing ball jumping and engaging with nature. We learnt about the seasons this week and talked about spring coming upon us and planting vegetables and plants for them to blossom soon, this was a follow up to Poppi making a garden at her house. We talked about sea creatures and whales as Harrison went to a visit to a lighthouse and saw some of these and we learnt that dolphins are mammals and how the whales move to warmer waters. We have been looking at our colours this week and Miss Sam played a bingo colour and shape game on Tuesday with the children. This week Hunter purchased some chickens so he brought in some photos of his chicken coup and we talked about the lifecycle of the chicken at grouptime.

As the weather is getting warmer can you please ensure your child has a hat at kindy to use. We have hung the ones up on the deck we have and that are labelled.

Have a great weekend see you next week with some family input for our curriculum, the Gumnuts educators.