gumnut updates

This week in the Gumnut room we had a revamp of our outdoor and indoor play areas. Outside the gardens were dug out with help from Mr Matt. The Gumnuts used shovels along with Miss Mel to dig out a trench for our new truck track. The Gumnut's also helped re plant yakkas from the trench into other areas of the garden. Inside we moved the locker area, group time mat and replaced some of our play spaces the Gumnuts have taken a lot of interest in this new environment. Thank you to all the Gumnut's that brought in recycle materials from home, we used the milk bottle lids to create a recycled collage for our room.

This week in the Gumnuts we explored different countries around the world for multicultural week. We talked about Scotland , Italy, India, Australia ,Vietnam and celebration of Ramadan with Miss Hana . The Gumnuts ate boiled rice which we cooked and told about how this is eaten in some countries around the world With utensils and chop sticks. We read many stories about different countries and their environments/ living conditions , learnt Swedish words from Hunter and Italian words at grouptime. we continued with our pet project and look for ward to our visit from the rspca soon. We celebrated Slade's birthday this week and welcomed a new friend Cerys into our room. The Gumnut's have been painting their toe nails and finger nails as a follow up to our project of hairdressers as what else happens in a salon and talking about how the polish look a rainbow.

See you all next week , we look forward to getting some more parent input into our program.

This week in the Gumnut's room we had a visit from Kim the reptile man. There was Herman the frog showing off his climbing skills and even gave Miss Mel a kiss on the cheek, Jet the super fast turtle, Alvin the Diamond python, Waldo the big daddy cockroach and also Charlie the blue tongue lizard. The Gumnut's have been busy learning about 'Rainbows' as one of our class projects. From drawing our own rainbows too creating a collage with all the colours of the rainbow.

The Gumnut's have been very involved with taking part in looking after our veggie garden and worm farm, from feeding the worms to watering the garden recycling the worm juice into our garden and also planting some garlic bulbs and discussing the growing process of our garden. For news this week we have had Van tell the class about his visit to the 'Playschool' show and his new book he got.

Ollie and Harper also told us about their long weekend adventures while camping. To extend on Ollie and Harper's interest Miss Mel set up a tent in the Gumnut yard allowing the boys to talk about their trip and role play. As the weather warms up the water trough has been a big hit for the Gumnuts to explore which is filled with all different types of sea creatures.

This week we had teddy bears picnic with the Gumnut's bringing in their special bears / toys and we had sandwich picnic days outside under the shade cloth on a mat. The Gumnuts liked choosing their sandwich varieties and interacting with all of their peers at once. We have still been talking about rainbows with Alex and Evelyn drawing rainbows and talking about varieties of colours being primary and secondary. The Gumnuts are still interested in the zoo animals and have been drawing their favourites with Miss Jordan on wed which we hung in our zoo area and Miss Mel had been in contact with the zoo for more information. Next Tues is the Reptile show please bring in your money for your child to attend the show.

See you all next week the Gumnuts educators


We had a very busy week this week in the Gumnut room , this week we celebrated Fathersday with our special afternoon tea , the children enjoyed this special time with their loved ones.

This week we welcome our new friend Alex and Mia who has come up from the snuggle pot room , Who have both had a great first week.

Luca shared news of his visit to Dubbo zoo this week , feeding the giraffes and watching the elephants bath .

This week the Gumnuts have been spending a lot of time practicing their number skills by singing songs , reading books , and various games , we are really proud of the Gumnuts they are doing so well . This week we added an outdoor kitchen to our deck , this has been so popular the Gumnuts have been cooking up a storm. We extended on our rainbow project this week by experimenting with skittles and water mixing both together to form a beautiful rainbow pattern , then painting more rainbows .

Fletcher welcomed a new kitten "Tabitha" , Darcy welcomed a new puppy "Tibbytoast" .

Happy birthday to Ivy who celebrated her birthday on Friday.

This week the Gumnuts had a comfy week in their pjs. It was a nice sunny week where we spent some time on the field playing soccer, climbing on the stepping stones, talking to our siblings through the fence and playing on the bouncing ball jumping and engaging with nature. We learnt about the seasons this week and talked about spring coming upon us and planting vegetables and plants for them to blossom soon, this was a follow up to Poppi making a garden at her house. We talked about sea creatures and whales as Harrison went to a visit to a lighthouse and saw some of these and we learnt that dolphins are mammals and how the whales move to warmer waters. We have been looking at our colours this week and Miss Sam played a bingo colour and shape game on Tuesday with the children. This week Hunter purchased some chickens so he brought in some photos of his chicken coup and we talked about the lifecycle of the chicken at grouptime.

As the weather is getting warmer can you please ensure your child has a hat at kindy to use. We have hung the ones up on the deck we have and that are labelled.

Have a great weekend see you next week with some family input for our curriculum, the Gumnuts educators.

The Gumnut's all participated in NADIOC Week experiences reading 'How the birds got their colours' and watching special Aboringal Dreamtime stories. The Gumnut's all extended on their knowledge and understanding about NADIOC Week by getting involved in making Aboringal Flags, finger painting, Aboringal sign chalk drawing and painting on their tapping sticks they collected from the field. While the Gumnut's had a run outside on the field they sat down with Miss Ellie and Miss Sam with their tapping sticks making their very own musical instruments with Aboringal music.

The Gumnut's extended on the Munch and Move wall getting involved in physical activity experiences such as running races, stretching, jumping, skipping and a big game of soccer with Miss Indi.

Desiree shared her news about her dance concert during the weekend and showed her teachers her cool dance movements performing with confidence and happiness. Tommy spoke to his Gumnut friends about his holiday to Bali and what his favourite part of the holiday was.

We also celebrated Miss Mel's birthday giving her lots of cuddles! Happy birthday Miss Mel!

We have had a lovely week in the Gumnuts celebrating Ziah's 4th birthday and our new friend Levi from the Snugglepots moving up into the Gumnut room exploring his new indoor and outdoor environment creating a strong friendship with Eli and Evelyn. Macey shared with the class about her adventure to 'frozen on ice' with her family, she then continued on from her interest by drawing a picture of Elsa. Will spoke to his friends about his visit to Coogee beach during the weekend sharing his special photos of himself and his family. The Gumnut's then discussed what beach they visit with their families on the weekends and drew their very own beaches with Miss Ellie.

The Gumnut's showed a huge interest in extending on our fairy garden in our yard getting creative with Miss Julie making special fairy dream catches, rocks and fairies to place in the garden. Thursday morning the Gumnut's received a note left from the fairy's saying hello, great job Oliver finding the special note!!

We then celebrated Red Nose Day painting the children's noses and blowing up red balloons having an exciting dance off with Miss Indi and Miss Ellie. We then did Red Nose Craft allowing the children to get involved in this special day!

This week the Gumnuts were little scientists and explorers with science week . We mixed colours with milk with Mr Scott and watched the colours submerge. We did a balloon flight experiment on the deck watching the balloon pretend to be a rocket which was amazing watching how fast it flew along a piece of string. We did oil and water painting observing that water and oil don't mix and the paint was making bubbles on our pages on top of the water. We also poured coloured water into two bottles and watched the water go into a middle bottle using paper towel to transfer this.

We have also been still exploring creatures under the sea and encouraging he Gumnuts to share news at grouptime enhancing their confidence with talking in front of their peers and educators about things that are familiar to them. We also touched on being happy with who are are as we are all special and unique and we shouldn't change for anybody discussing self identity, belonging and being.

See you all next week happy birthday to Miss Shelley next Monday.

This week in the Gumnuts we were into exploring the beach and sea. The Gumnuts shared their knowledge about sea creatures and their visits to the rock pools and beach. We made sea creatures out of playdough with Mr Scott and did ocean collages. We replanted some plants in our garden and used our worm juice on the vegetables after the rain. We are observing our bok choy growing and how the rabbits have been eating the tips off them.

We said goodbye to Miss Ella on Wednesday as she finished her traineeship and Miss Geordie will be with us Monday to Friday to replace Ella. In our community we have been watching the cranes next door in the nursing home and the diggers moving trees up the back near the sandpit and moving soil. We have been exercising on our trampoline with Harry taking turns and at grouptime learning our shapes along with talking about crocodiles, vivid, the zoo and rock pools. See you next week for science week , the Gumnuts educators .

This week in the Gumnut room we celebrated Reconciliation week this involved showing the children pictures of aboriginal architecture reading dream time stories and talking about aboriginals in our community. The children were very creative this week constructing their own interpretation of aboriginal dwellings using bark and sticks, also creating homes out of playdough, the Gumnut's also painted traditional paintings using stripes as used by our local indigenous people the Darkinjung.

During the week we also read the "Snapping Bungaroo" an aboriginal story about animals in the dream time. This week our dress ups were very popular the Gumnuts enjoyed dressing up and also bringing in costumes from home. Superman and Spider-Man were very popular, this week some of the Gumnuts spent time tending our garden helping pick bokchoy, parsley, & chives which we left for our parents to take home.

The Gumnuts received new toys this week. We recycled our toys boxes creating cars and boats the children spent a lot of time decorating these with painted collage materials. In he sand pit this week the children worked together to create a very large volcano using bi carb soda and vinegar, we were all excited as it erupted.

We had an awesome week in the Gumnuts! Chevy brought in playdoh on Monday to share with his peers, the children used rollers and cutters to create different shapes and patterns!

Tuesday we had our own NRL game as our friend Fletcher went to one over the weekend, he showed off his kicks and passes to the Gumnuts in the field before we had our own game! On Tuesdays we also enjoyed a big play on the field, we frolicked in the leaves creating a camp fire, kicked the ball around, played hide and seek and helped to mix the compost bin!

Wednesday was our Sports carnival as Jacobs big sister Alex was having hers at school! Miss Sam and the children looked at photos on the iPad to work out what events the Gumnuts were going to hold.... we had long jump, relay running races and shot put! We made our own gold medals for craft which the children got in their medal ceremony in the afternoon, they were all champions!

Thursday was a softball as Tommy had been practising his skills at home, he showed off to his friends how to hit the ball then the children all took turns working on their eye/ hand coordination and strength!

On Friday we had a DISCO, Braxton was going to one that night! We got out the disco lights and music for the children to show off their moves, we ended up having a dance off!!!!!!

Good luck to our friends Braxton, Kaydenn, Chevy and Zavier who move up to Big side next week! Have a great time!

This week in the Gumnuts room we finished off making our Mother's Day crafts and were busy drawing our mums and discussing why we love them and what we do with them outside of kindy. We had an awesome Thursday afternoon where some of our mums came to kindy to spend time with us in the Gumnuts room eating some yummy biscuits ,cake and joining in our experiences . Our goal this week was to work with the children on recognising their shapes as we identified they needed help with this as a part of intentional teaching. The Gumnuts have been bringing in books from home for us to read at grouptime and we have been reading these and the children have been eager to share news with their peers at grouptime enhancing their confidence and expressive language skills.

We started making some of our planter boxes using recycling milk cartons for us to plant some veggies or seeds in for the children to care for this taking responsibility for a living thing.

Have a happy Mother's Day and we will see you all next week.

This week we had a busy week in the garden and outside with our compost week and our new compost bin, the Gumnuts learnt the difference between a compost bin and the Worm Farm. Jacob brought in scraps from home veggies and we gave some of these to the worms and some went into the compost bin on the field. We added leaves to the compost bin and encouraged all the children to bring in any food scraps from home to put in our Worm cafe or into the compost bin. We flushed the Worm Farm during the week and then put the water onto our vegetables and herbs in our garden along with creating our own worm farms with craft materials and engaging in leaf collages as a follow up to Rivah's interest.

The Gumnuts met two new friends this week Ellie and Kora we welcome them to our room. We can't wait to see you all next week at our Mother's Day afternoon tea to spoil our mums.

Until then the Gumnut educators

This week the Gumnuts have been creatively making their Mother's Day presents and sharing, why they love their mums getting ready for Mother's Day. This week the Gumnuts have been talking about hygiene with winter coming upon us and how it is important to wash the germs down the drain and use one piece of paper to dry for sustainability.

The Gumnuts helped with working on our Worm farm this week by ripping paper , flushing the farm out with water and adding scraps. The Gumnuts then helped Miss Mel pour the water into our veggie garden talking about the cycle and sustainability. Matteo shared this week that he went to hospital to get his tonsils out and we extended upon this by reading a doctors book and talking about who and how they can help us.

We have been working on the Gumnuts using their self help skills at kindy during transitions such as trying to put their socks on and off, shoes and clothes and we have been discussing the importance of looking after our belongings and keeping our things in our bag when we take these off during the day to avoid items being misplaced. If you can work on this with your Gumnut at home to it would be greatly appreciated.

See you all next week the Gumnut educators.

This week the Gumnuts had a fun short week due to easter Monday. We made Poppy's and a wreath for Anzac Day and we talked about what Anzac Day is and how we can attend services . We discussed and showed the Gumnuts a piece of rosemary the plant from our garden and talked about how people wear it as a symbol of rememberance on Anzac Day. Chevy talked about how he was going to a dawn service "with the kids".

The Gumnuts started their Mother's Day surprise present unfortunately you will need to wait for this surprise. The Gumnut's had a few active days on the field playing soccer with their educators and picking our herbs from our garden which we put out the front of the office for our families to take. The Gumnuts helped Miss Mel and Miss Indi dig the dirt over and hold our herbs which we encouraged them to smell and feel.

We hope you all have a happy Anzac Day with your families and friends, let's we forget.

Easter craft was started this week with the children creating chickens and bunnies using their hand and feet prints! We also decorated some HUGE eggs and coloured in easter stencils!

Craft was also water colours, we had some incredible creations painted such as Macey's family, the park Quinn visits and Toms Monsters!

We were able to keep our vege garden nice and healthy during the week as the rain water tubs got very full, also we used the juice from the worm farm! If the bunnys leave it alone we should have some yummy veges soon! On Tuesday Alannah shared family input about her family's visit to the Rugby game where the watched their team the Tigers! We talked to the Gumnuts about who was there team?...

We practiced our counting during group time on Wednesday as Charlotte. B was very proud to show off her counting to Miss Sam, Charlotte and her peers used songs and books to count to ten! On Thursday we got out the dress ups which are always a hit! Hunter was especially excited to wear his chefs outfit, we also had some fire fighters Fletcher and Max protecting the yard with their Lego made water hoses!

Big fun week with more to come!......

Easter Hat Parade Tuesday 11th at 3.30!!!

This week in the Gumnut Room there were lots of smiles going around as it was photo week, the Gumnuts did a great job smiling for their individual and our group photos. Due to photos we spent a lot of time inside and due to the rain. The Gumnuts were busy playing with yellow playdough creating their own moulds & manipulating the dough and doing painting at the end of the afternoons . The Gumnuts were joining in singing lots of songs and Finger plays as Tommy has been singing our kindy songs at home .

Hairdressers was still popular as hunter was going for a haircut at the barbers and Miss Mel was the Gumnuts client having her makeup and hair done choosing colours from the colour chart.

See you all next week to start some Easter craft , the Gumnuts educators

Last week in the Gumnuts the children's voices were heard at grouptime talking about what they like to do with their families and where they go in our community for input into our curriculum. These ideas we have typed and are on our community window.

Hairdressers has been popular still inside with Levi m taking part in being a client and Quinn, Nadia and Sasha being the hairdressers. The Gumnuts spoke about helping the people in our community bringin in tin cans to give them for food and we looked up on the iPad at some people more needy than us. You can still continue to bring tin food or non perishables in for the office to take to the shelter. The Gumnuts painted lizards as Poppi went on a holiday and saw them in a garden and Matteo taught us about sea otters and what they like to eat.

Baby corner is still a great interest of the Gumnuts so we have ,over this outside for the Gumnuts to continue engaging in role play and providing unconditional love to all our kindy babies.

Until next week see you soon, don't forget it's photo week next week !

This week the Gumnuts were making the most of when the rain stopped in getting outside for a run. They have been playing hairdressers being very gentle with each other, having empathy and discussing hair styles. We have also been reinforcing the need to leave their hair tied to avoid nits going around.

We have been keeping a look out for the rabbit returning to eat our veggies and talking about peter rabbit and the rabbit show on abc kids , along with Easter coming up soon.

We have been talking to the children about outside Kindy activities that they attend trying to get some input for our family community wall.

Child of the week this week was Kaydenn he likes to play with fast cars and likes to eat watermelon, fruit and carrots.

Finally we have been talking to the children about using their manners with their peers and educators , the importance of looking after our toys and keeping our hands to ourselves during grouptime so we can learn.

A happy week see your u next week for harmony day and happy day The Gumnuts educators

This week the Gumnuts were keen to learn about the chickens ,observing that they are growing feathers now and getting bigger. We talked about farm animals and naming the animals such as mother sheep ewe , father ram and baby lamb . The Gumnuts made farm animal collages using their fine motor skills to stick the pictures on their art. Outside we observed how the rabbits have eaten all our veggies in our garden and we gave them carrots to try and stop them.

We had two birthdays this week Poppi and Darcy happy 3rd birthday!

Our frog is still alive in our room as our pet Dixie eating our worms out of our cafe and living happily in the water and on sticks. Unfortunately we had to say goodbye to one of our fish (eggs) as it went out to sea with nemo.

Our hairdressing salon has been busy this week and we talked about how only the hairdressers cut our hair not us ,especially with safety around scissors. If you have any empty hairdressing product bottles can you please bring these in for our salon.

See you next week love the Gumnuts educators

Big week in the Gumnuts.... Cutting was the favourite activity this week! The children used their fine motor skills to control as they cut lines and shapes in the paper, Miss Mel also got playdoh out to challenge their hand strength!

Alannah, Jessica, Xavier and Jonty shared some fabulous news during the week leading to some fun activities, group discussions and craft!

Our dramatic play for turned into a Hairdressers salon! The Gumnuts created some amazing hairdos and also performed some beautiful make overs!

Miss Mel and the Gumnuts got the juice out of the Worm farm to help fertiliser our new garden, they then planted different vegetables!

We talked about Recycling creating an awesome sign with different things we could find and then hung it on the deck!

The children had a great week and we are so excited for Henny Penny Hatching next week!

This week in the Gumnuts we focused on Pet week , some of the Gumnuts brought in photos of their pets and we saw a pet cat from one of the children on the big side. We talked about Aidan getting a dog this week and how we can care for our pets by providing water, food, love and a shelter. We made dogs out of folding paper, paintings of our pets and fish using different mediums to create patterns on our fish as scales.

We set up a animal table due to Henry's interest this week and made green playdough which we manipulated with the animals. The Gumnuts practiced counting and Miss Mel brought some number stampers in and we tried writing numbers 1 to 10 with Thomas and Poppi joining in this experience.

We had a treasure hunt this week and read a Dora story , this was a follow up to the children's interest from last week. We also went to the field a few afternoons for a run as it was a little cooler out there and we practiced balancing , playing with the balls and running races and playing with the parachute.

See you all next week for Valentine's Day The Gumnuts educators

This week in the Gumnuts we focused on Pet week , some of the Gumnuts brought in photos of their pets and we saw a pet cat from one of the children on the big side. We talked about Aidan getting a dog this week and how we can care for our pets by providing water, food, love and a shelter. We made dogs out of folding paper, paintings of our pets and fish using different mediums to create patterns on our fish as scales.

We set up a animal table due to Henry's interest this week and made green playdough which we manipulated with the animals. The Gumnuts practiced counting and Miss Mel brought some number stampers in and we tried writing numbers 1 to 10 with Thomas and Poppi joining in this experience. We had a treasure hunt this week and read a Dora story , this was a follow up to the children's interest from last week. We also went to the field a few afternoons for a run as it was a little cooler out there and we practiced balancing , playing with the balls and running races and playing with the parachute.

See you all next week for Valentine's Day The Gumnuts educators

Chinese New Year- Year of the rooster! The Gumnuts celebrated this traditional holiday through arts and crafts.... we made rooster handprints, lanterns, a flag with painted handprints, the children wrote their own interpretation of Chinese writing and painted Chinese dragons! Miss Mel put chopsticks with play doh in kitchen area for the children to attempt this different form of 'eating'!

On Tuesday some of our friends started making treasure maps, many of the Gumnuts joined in to this experience so Miss Sam sat down with all the children and talked about treasure maps and drew our own! This week we are going on a treasure hunt to find some treasure in the sand!

During group time we have been discussing our rules, the children are doing a great job identifying and following the rules!

Happy Birthday to our big boy Jonty and Miss Indy!!

Please don't forget to bring in your family and let photos!

Gumnut girls! :)

This week the Gumnuts celebrated Aussie week by being involved in thong painting, painting Australian / Aboriginal hands and free painting with the colours of the Australian flag. The Gumnut's discussed the different types of Australian animals and listened to Australian animal book, wombat strew and cockatoo cries Dingo at group time.

Hunter was child of the week this week sitting up on the lounge during group time telling all his friends what he loves to eat, play with and his favourite colours.

We have collected a hand full of family photos to place on our family tree encouraging the children to feel a sense of belonging throughout the Gumnuts room.

Thank you from the Gumnut educators

Miss Mel, Miss shelley, Miss Sam, Miss Ellie, Miss Ella and Miss Indi

Over the last week we have been discussing and exploring the ocean with the Gumnuts ,learning about sharks, mollucus, jellyfish, blue bottles and blue circle discs that sting at the beach. We have heard all about the Gumnuts going to the beach, going fishing with their families and out on the water on paddle boards and surfboards.

We have also been exploring how chefs can make cupcakes where we also did some cooking in our room ,with this experience relating to Jess talking about her mum being the kindy chef and learning mathematical concepts such as measurement and time.

We wished Miss Ella a happy birthday this week and some new babies into our families lives Alannah has a baby brother James , Desiree had a baby sister Lexi and and Harper and Ollie are welcoming a sibling this week.

Over the last week the Gumnuts have been settling back into kindy and a different routine. We have had a fun start to the year learning about our new friends and educators. The Gumnuts have been sharing what they got up to in their holidays and we have been learning about the ocean and sea creatures as the children have shown great interest in this so far.

Please don't forget to bring in your fa ily photo and fill out a weekend sheet to share what you have been up to.

Cheers until next time the Gumnuts educators