koala updates

Thanks for another great week in the Koala room. We have been continuing our weather theme. We made some clouds out of paper Mâché and balloons. We ventured outside to paint the clouds and we talked more about what are clouds made of. Sasha " They are really fluffy so maybe fluff" Kane " I will have to ask my Dad" Spencer " Water"

We are also learning about how and why a rainbow is formed. So many questions from the children. You can really tell the children that are going to school next year as the are so interested in all learning. We have been learning a few new songs for Father's Day which will be hear before we know it.

Our social areas have been changed. We have had a great interest for babies and hospitals so we made a Children's Hospital. It is so popular.

We have a magnetic set which we are learning some science with.

We have new Lego which is a a city.

Our writing centre is always popular.

Miss Marg, Miss Kiera and Miss Hana