During June the children participated in Dental Hygiene Week which taught them about how to keep our teeth and mouths healthy and clean. The Educators used a variety of resources such as giant teeth to teach the children how to brush correctly and felt board stories to help the children understand the difference between sometimes and healthy foods. Thank you to our families that made donation towards Red Nose Day & the Biggest Morning Tea, they were both great events supported by you all.

We also had a great turnout at our School Readiness Information evening; we hope all of the families attended found it helpful.

Dental Hygiene Week

We would like to thank one of our fathers, David from Malcolm Deall & Associates for coming in to discuss dental hygiene with the children. We learnt lots of important information like how to brush your teeth properly & how to keep your teeth and gums healthy. The children were also excited to receive little goodie bags which included a toothbrush & a tooth brushing chart.

Spare Clothes

If you have any clothes that your child does not wear anymore and that are in good condition keep us in mind for our spare clothes in the rooms.

Emergency Contacts

Please ensure you have updated your emergency contact list for your child in the office or via email Children can only be collected by a parent, an authorised nominee named on their enrolment form, or a person authorised by a parent or authorised nominee to collect the child. We are also required to check ID of anyone who comes to collect a child, if the educators are not familiar with them.

Carpark Speed Zones

Please be reminded that our carpark is a very dangerous for little ones. Please help us make it as safe as possible by driving at the speed limit which is 5km/h. It is also very important to drive all the way around the driveway when parking so as not to cut people off.