During October we celebrated Multicultural Week which exposed the children to many different cultural activities. As I visited each room during this week I observed many different types of creative experiences that encouraged the children to explore other countries and what is special about them. Thank you especially to the parents that were involved in sharing their culture with the children, it was a very special experience for the children. We would also like to thank the families that attended the centre for Occupation Week. We were so lucky to have so many families come in and share their professions with the children.

We implemented our new Rainbow Food Initiative and it has been a great success. The menu variety is fresh, exciting and most importantly delicious!

We have also continued on our sustainability journey with Mr Matt planting some fruit trees in the field

A note from our Approved Provider

It has been fantastic to work with all the wonderful caring staff, as well as meet all the beautiful children and families at Erina Kindergarten. A lot of important changes are being successfully implemented which are receiving lots of great positive feedback from both staff, parents and children alike! We really welcome and encourage feedback in all forms and thank you all for taking time out of your busy schedules to provide us with this very important information.

As part of this important and welcome feedback we are pleased to advise that we will be extending our opening hours to open from 6:30am – 6pm from the 8th January, 2018. We received an overwhelming amount of positive feedback for extending our opening times in the morning, particularly for parents who commute and/or work shift work. This will also allow for increased handover time with the staff in the individual rooms which is a welcome and much needed improvement.

We are very pleased that the rainbow food initiative has been a huge success and we are pleased to say that the children are loving the variety of rainbow colored foods and our beautiful gumnuts children have been actively involved in planting a variety of new plants including strawberries and herbs. It is great to see the children so excited by the new rainbow food initiative!

We are also excited to advise that we are in the process of speaking to architects to upgrade the current facilities of Erina kindergarten. We hope to commence these renovations in the new year! We will keep you informed about progress of matters as they arise.

Christmas Concerts / Preschool Graduation

We will be holding our annual Christmas Concerts at the EV Church again which is about 100m up the road from our Kindy. We will be having three Christmas events again this year so that we will ensure that everyone gets a seat and a great view of the stage and it also will not be as overwhelming and crowded for the children. I have attached letter with details about the Christmas events but the dates are as follows:

Christmas Picnic & Disco

  • Bush Babies & Snugglepots: Tuesday, 5th December 2017 5pm – 6:30pm @ EV Church, Terrigal Drive Erina. This year we have decided to have grassed areas & a disco in the Main Hall at the EV Church.

Christmas Concert & Preschool Graduation

  • Gumnuts Christmas Concert: Wednesday, 6th December 2017 5pm – 5:30pm @ EV Church, Terrigal Drive Erina.
  • Joeys, Koalas & Emus Christmas Concert & Preschool Graduation: Wednesday 6th December 2017 6:15pm – 7:30pm @ EV Church, Terrigal Drive Erina.

Christmas Holidays

Well we are heading towards that time of year again! Our last day open for the year at Erina Kindergarten will be Friday 22nd December 2017 and we will reopen on 8th January 2018. Payment is not required during this time of course; however your first direct debit for the year will be the 2nd January 2018 to keep you a week in advance.

staff 2018

Bush Babies: Miss Kelly, Miss Julie V, Miss Maddie, Miss Tash, Miss Wendy, Miss Ashleigh, Miss Jacqui, Miss Julie M

Snugglepots: Miss Ashlea, Miss Shelley, Miss Kiera, Miss Micah, Miss Georgia, Miss Jordan & Miss Jess J (returning from Maternity Leave), Miss Kirsten

Gumnuts: Miss Jess C, Miss Julie F, Miss Emily, Miss Hana, Miss Vanessa

Emus: Miss Marg, Miss Julie M, Miss Emily & Miss Indi

Joeys: Miss Nichol, Miss Ellie, Miss Renee Koalas: Miss Mel E, Miss Ashlea, Miss Kiah, Miss Kylie

Enrolments 2018

We have now finalised the 2018 class rolls. If you requested any changes to days for 2018 all requests have been allocated. All Gumnuts & Preschool families will be given letters regarding their rooms for 2018 in the next week. If you would like to add more days to your child’s enrolment for 2018 please email

I currently still have the following vacancies:

Babies: M-F (very limited on Thursdays) Snugglepots: Thurs & Fri (very limited on Mondays & Tuesdays) Gumnuts: M,Tu,W,F (Full on Thursdays) Joeys, Koalas & Emus: M-F

Enrollment 2018

Story Park will be up & running in the coming weeks! We look forward to being able to share a variety of information regarding your child’s day as it happens. You will receive more detailed information as we make the changeover from iChild.

Qikkids Family Lounge

Stay Tuned! We will be offering a fantastic online system that will allow you to manage your child’s enrolment account, add casual days and permanent bookings.

Gumboot Garden

We would love any donations of gumboots that you may not be using anymore to create a Gumboot Garden! This is another sustainable practice and assists the children in understanding that you can recycle so many different resources to create something entirely new & different. You can hand in your old gumboots to your child’s Educators.


Please be reminded that we do not provide nappies. If your child requires nappies please be sure to pack a minimum of 5 each day that your child attends.