sunggle pots updates

The snuggle pots have welcomed lots of new friends who have moved up from the Bush Babies room! They have been enjoying exploring their new environment and meeting many new friends.

On Tuesday the Snuggle pots celebrated 'The Horses Birthday' via a creative experience that consisted of painting horses and sticking them onto paddle pop sticks.

Indoors the wooden train track set has been a popular activity with many children in the room this week. They snuggles have been working collaboratively with their peers and educators to construct a range of different tracks around the room and then driving the trains over them.

Outdoors this week the educators gave the children kinetic sand to play with. Many children enjoyed using their fine motor skills to feel the texture.

The children also enjoyed laying on the soft fall and letting the teachers trace around their bodies with large chalk. This was a fun way for the Snuggle pots to learn different body parts such , legs , arms etc.

On Friday the Snuggle pots celebrated Jeans for Genes day. They all looked super cute in their jeans and thank you parents for the donations.