sunggle pots updates

Last week in the Snugglepot’s room, the children showed interest in bugs, such as cicadas, snails, worms and lady bugs. We took the children on an adventure to the oval where we found cicada and snail shells. The children interacted with the snail shells by watching them crawl up their arms.

We also had a look at our worm farm in our room. The children each held the worms gently in the palms of their hands and were really excited!

The children showed interest in other animals such as butterflies, bees and turtles. The children drew pictures of snails, bees and butterflies outside on the floor in chalk and each expressed whilst colouring them in the different colours the animals are in real life.

We got creative and each child took a turn in creating a green footprint cicada in green paint to portray a real life cicada.

Don’t forget the Snugglepot’s Christmas Party next week, Hope to see you all there