sunggle pots updates

Last week in the Snugglepot room we started the week with fun on Melbourne cup day making fascinators and headbands, we watched the race in the afternoon then we had our own races in the playground.

Some of the children were very interested in the little fake animals in our vertical garden beds, they enjoyed being able to hold them and play with them, we talked about the type of animals they were and read books on them. The herb garden and worm farm are still something the children ask to look at to explore and learn.

The sandpit was very popular after the children watched a tip truck delivery over the fence, many of the Snugglepot’s copied the actions of the truck with trucks in the sandpit, which continued over the next couple of days.

Last week in the Snugglepot room our exploration of colour continued, we talked to the children about our new rainbow menu full of bright coloured fruits and vegetables, also during group we sang the rainbow song and read books that help and encourage colour recognition, and looked at flash cards.

There has been new interest in plants and gardens this week, we made flowers with patty cases and pipe cleaners, and the children played with natural coloured play dough, stones, and sticks to create their own gardens. The children explored our own vegetable patch and fed the worms in our worm farm.

It was occupation week at preschool as well last week, so we discussed occupations during group time asking the children if they knew their parents occupations, and we watched a you tube video that explained through song what occupations are. We also talked about what jobs the children thought would be fun. We provided dress ups for the children to explore their imaginations through role play of doctors, vets, police, firefighters, and chefs.

Last week in the Snugglepot room we were fortunate to be able to watch and get involved with the Reptile show, run by Mr Kim. We saw lots of reptiles, including a frog, turtle, blue tongue lizard, cockroach and three different types of snakes. Some children were able to get involved by holding some of the reptiles and everyone got the choice to pat the snakes. To extend on this we provided plastic reptiles for the children to play with and also used the paints to create snakes and frogs. Callum spoke about his pet snake named 'Rueben' linking with the reptile show.

We have had a wonderful week in the Snugglepots room.

As it is warmer weather the children have been loving engaging in lots of outdoor water play experiences.

For Teddy Bears picnic week the Snuggles have been very lucky and enjoyed sandwiches and ice creams on a picnic rug in the sunshine. It was fun learning the names of each child's favourite Teddies or soft toys. We have received a new play kitchen set for our room. On Thursday Miss Shelley set up wooden food and pots and pans in kitchen . It's been great watching the children pretend to cook and they have been identifying healthy foods throughout their play. We have two new bubbly trainees in our room Kirsten and Renee. The Children have been enjoying getting to know them.

Please remember to pack each day.... Nappies if required. A set of fitted sheets for rest time. A hat. (Hats are hung on glass outside the bathroom). A set of spare clothes.

We have sunscreen on the sign in desk if you want to apply it to your child when they arrive at the centre or alternatively let a educator know and they can apply it for you.

Have a wonderful long weekend and don't forget the Reptile Man is visiting the centre next Tuesday.

The snuggle pot Room.

Last week in the Snugglepot room we explored the Brazilian culture, stemming from Louise and Matheus' families cultures. Louise brought in some pictures of Brazil and a photo of her doing jiu jitsu with her Dad. Miss Samantha taught the children some words in Portuguese which both Louise and Matheus talk at home with their families.

We also discussed chickens and eggs as Archie.w's family own 'the egg shed', Blade has been feeding his uncles chickens and collecting their eggs, also Miss Jacqui and Miss Hayley have chickens at their houses too. We spoke about what chickens eat, the different ways we can cook eggs, including in recipes. So we then cooked cupcakes the next day, using eggs. We also looked at what other animals hatch from eggs, including dinosaurs which Chace was interested in as he has been watching 'the land before time' at home.

The snuggle pots have welcomed lots of new friends who have moved up from the Bush Babies room! They have been enjoying exploring their new environment and meeting many new friends.

On Tuesday the Snuggle pots celebrated 'The Horses Birthday' via a creative experience that consisted of painting horses and sticking them onto paddle pop sticks.

Indoors the wooden train track set has been a popular activity with many children in the room this week. They snuggles have been working collaboratively with their peers and educators to construct a range of different tracks around the room and then driving the trains over them.

Outdoors this week the educators gave the children kinetic sand to play with. Many children enjoyed using their fine motor skills to feel the texture.

The children also enjoyed laying on the soft fall and letting the teachers trace around their bodies with large chalk. This was a fun way for the Snuggle pots to learn different body parts such , legs , arms etc.

On Friday the Snuggle pots celebrated Jeans for Genes day. They all looked super cute in their jeans and thank you parents for the donations.

Last week in the Snugglepot room we welcomed Ella and Archie our new friends.

We also did some experiences for NAIDOC week. These included reading some dreamtime stories, using our finger prints to create native bee's and also manipulating clay to create echidna's following on from the dreamtime story 'How the echidna got its spikes.'

Mila brought in photos of her family at the Yarramalong harvest festival digging up potatos and looking at the farm animals. To extend on this we read a story about farm animals and sang 'Old McDonald had a farm'.

Our new basketball hoop and trampoline outside continued to be very popular amongst the children.

We have had a super fun week in the Snugglepot room!

On Tuesday the children went and had a play over on the field. Miss Emily brought over the Preschool pet rabbit 'Caramel' for the Snugglepot's to look at and pat. The children were very excited to meet Caramel and used their gentle hands while patting him. We celebrated Red Nose Day on Friday! The Snuggles let the teachers paint their little noses red and they danced around the yard with lots of red ballons!

The snuggle pot educators have been teaching the children lots of self help skills, such feeding them selves lunch, scraping their own plates and washing their hands independently. They are doing such a great job!

Don't forget to check your child's craft folder, which is located next to sign in! Have a great weekend!

We have had a fun week in the Snugglepot room this week. As it is science week each day we have performed an experiment in front of the children to observe and be involved in. We made puffy paint which involved placing finished artworks in the microwave which made the paint puff up. We also made a volcano in the sandpit with bi carb soda and vinegar. We then mixed primary colours on paper and in water to see what would happen.

These were good experiences for the children to watch as they were able to observe the reactions when certain substances are mixed together.

This week we were lucky enough to receive a basketball hoop! The children have thoroughly enjoyed throwing bouncy balls through the hoop extending their hand eye coordination, spatial awareness and sharing skills.

Some of our friends went to the wiggles concert on the weekend so we thought we would extend on this interest by dancing to wiggles music and making our own wiggles guitars.

We had some new toys delivered to the centre that were very popular with the Snugglepot's this week. In particular the large coloured soft blocks outside wee lots of fun to climb and jump on, as was the trampoline. Inside cooking in the home corner, the rainbow colour match mat and counting cows were also popular activities.

Singing and dancing has also been an interest this week so to build on this interest we been playing lots of music, dancing with ribbons and singing our favourite songs.

Next week is science week and we have lots of amazing activities planned!

The hair dressing salon we have created as an extension from Crazy hair week has been very popular this week! The children have been socially engaging with one another as they explore the area.

Outside we have been challenging the children's gross motor & balancing skills as we explore our gross motor equipment & balance beams. The children took turns & celebrated each others achievements!

We also had a lot of fun making cakes in the sandpit, exploring the playdough experimenting with adding a variety of tools! At group time the children have been making decisions about the books & songs we are singing & there has been a lot of dancing in the outdoor area with miss Amy & Miss Georgia! The children have been learning many new songs & actions!

Last week in the Snugglepot room the children were interested in the 'going on a bear hunt' book. We read this story lots and went on lots of bear hunts around the playground, re-enacting the story with an Educator being the bear, hiding in different locations each time.

Mila brought in a photo of a butterfly that she found at her house and told us all about it during group time. We then read the story'The very hungry caterpillar' to further educate the children about the life cycle of butterflies. We also re-enacted the cycle with our bodies throughout the playground. We painted butterflies to extend on Mila and the Snugglepots interest.

The children have also been interested in the moon recently as we have been spotting it in the sky during the day. This sparked a conversation about the moon, sun, clouds and stars. We painted suns, moons and stars, hanging them up in the room fort he children to admire.

We've had a busy week in the Snugglepot's room. We did lots of mothers craft and finished our special gifts for our mums. Our Mother's Day afternoon tea was lovely. Thank you to those who joined us for some afternoon tea and to share some activities with your children, It was so nice to see all of you.

We were very busy building on our fine motor and creative skills this week, doing lots of craft, using all sorts of materials such as glitter, pasting collage, painting, and drawing. All of these activities have helped to build on the children's fine motor skills, creative and social skills.

We went to the field this week and explored all the leaves that fallen off the trees. This led to discussions about the changing seasons and how the weather is cooling down. We also looked at the herb gardens and smelled all the herbs.

For compost awareness week we added more work to our existing work farm in our playground. First we read a story that explained what worm farms are good for and what they can and can't eat. We then added the new worms to their new home before adding lots of water and some banana peels for food. Throughout the week we observed the worms, adding more water and food. We also got a new communal compost bin out on the field which we spoke about.

We also focussed on number recognition last week, counting and recognising the numbers from 1-5. We did lots of games, activities, stories and songs that incorporated numbers and counting.

Last week in the Snugglepot room we created poppy flowers using patty cases and pipe cleaners for ANZAC day on Tuesday. We also continued creating our Mother's Day gifts for our special Mums and careers.

On Thursday as the weather was a lot cooler, we created Autumn leaves by using scrunched up pieces of paper to collage the leaves. We also discussed the change in weather and the season Autumn.

On Friday William brought in his mask from hospital for his news. William went to hospital to get his tonsils out, so he briefly told us about it and let everyone smell his mask because it smelt like strawberries.

Last week in the Snugglepot room we continued to discuss what we did over the Easter long weekend, including what the Easter bunny left behind and Easter egg hunts.

Alex brought in a dinosaur book from home so we read it and got the toy dinosaurs out for the children to play with, which were very popular! Xavier brought in a book about zoo animals which we also read and this lead to us imitating zoo animals with our bodies around the playground. Oban's mum came in on the Wednesday to do yoga with us. She is a yoga instructor and she does yoga at home with Oban most days, so Oban wanted to show the moves to his friends. The Snugglepots did a great job at listening and following the yoga moves.

The Snugglepots have had an exciting week this week in preparation for Easter. Many of the children have participated in Easter craft, involving painting and decorating eggs as well as painting the children's feet orange and pressing them on paper creating little carrots

We have been very busy in the Snugglepot Room. It has been a bit wet but when we have been able to get outside, we have been really enjoying the bikes and obstacle course which has been great to help build on our gross motor skills, eye hand coordination and social skills.

Playdough has been another popular activity this week. The children have loved manipulating the playdough rolling it into balls, making cakes and all sorts of other creations. Playdough is great to help build on fine motor skills and muscle strength in the hands, which will in turn help with writing and holding a pencil.

Next week we will be beginning to do some Easter craft and talking about Easter and the upcoming Easter hat parade.

On Tuesday Jude's family brought in hummus and pita bread for his peers and educators to taste. Jude shared his Syrian culture with everyone by also wearing a traditional male outfit. Most of the children and staff liked the hummus and pita bread, with some children eating lots. We also looked on a world map where the country Syria is.

We introduced the green bikes to the Snugglepot playground which the children loved! The children ran around the playground pushing the bikes, sitting on them or even pushing their friends around on them.

Last week the Snugglepots continued to observe and interact with the baby chicks. We noticed the different changes in the chicks as they have been growing, including; the feathers getting bigger and changing colours, also that they eat a lot more.

As it was a wet and raining week we spent a lot of time inside doing lots of different craft activities. These activities included exploring shaving cream and paints with our hands, collages, candle drawing with water colour painting on top, golf ball painting and playdough fun with the playdough toys.

On Tuesday Miss Kiah demonstrated some yoga moves, extending from Oban showing us his moves that he does at home with his Mum everyday. The Snugglepots did a great job at listening and following Miss Kiah's yoga moves. Oban's Mum has agreed to come in and do yoga with the children sometime soon.

Last week in the Snugglepot room we were able to be hands on with the baby chicks everyday. Using our gentle hands the children were able to pat the chicks and watch them interact with each other. We discussed the life cycle of the chicks, watching a YouTube video to visually explain it to the children. We also painted and collaged the four main stages of a chickens life to put on the wall in the room for future reference and learning for the children.

On Monday we explored our natural environment on the field and collected lots of sticks, leaves and spikey balls (seed pods). We took them back to our room and did some craft with them. We painted and hung up the big maple leaves, adding them to our Autumn area. We also used the sticks and spikey balls in some playdough that we made, exploring the different textures of our natural environment.

What a great week we had in the Snugglepot's room this week. We began the week learning about colours and looking at colours around the room building on our colour recognition, we will continue to build on these skills in the next few weeks.

It the beginning of autumn so we decided on Friday to go to the field for a play, and collected some leaves. We used the leaves to make a beautiful tree in our room and also decorated some leaves to hang above the tree.

We are all looking forward to the Henny Penny hatching next week.

This week has been all about trucks in the Snugglepot room. There has been a lot of interest in trucks with the construction site next door so we thought we would extend on the children's interest. We began by looking at books about trucks and diggers. We then looked at some short videos on the iPad of trucks and diggers and sang some songs. We also built on the children's interests with some craft, doing some truck painting and making own trucks. The children showed great enjoyment learning about trucks and what they do and built on a range of skills and development such as language, fine motor and social skills as well as mathematical awareness.

Next week is ocean week!

Wow what a great but hot week we had! We spent most of the week indoors as it was too hot to play outside. Last week was pet week and Archie and Alexis bought in their dogs, Callum bought in his snake and Levi bought in his lizard for us meet. All the Snugglepot's loved meeting our friends pets and patting or holding them. Hannah bought in some photos of her cat for everyone to look at. To extend on pet week we had a whole week of animal craft. We made dogs, cats, fish, lizards and snakes. The children all built on their fine motor and creative skills while painting, doing collage and drawing.

Last week in the Snugglepot room we learnt about Chinese New Year and explored some of the Chinese culture. We discussed that it is the year of the rooster and created roosters by painting handprints. Also looking at pictures and videos of the Chinese New Year celebrations in Sydney.

Alexis brought in a Wiggles book that we read at our group time. To extend on the children's interest in the Wiggles, we sang Wiggle songs before using the dancing ribbons to the Wiggles music. We also discussed the different Wiggle characters.

As the children have been very interested in watching the different types of trucks at the construction site next door. We discussed the different types and names of trucks, learning some new ones. We also found more trucks, cars and construction hats in the store room for the children to further explore. Last week in the Snugglepot room we learnt about Chinese New Year and explored some of the Chinese culture. We discussed that it is the year of the rooster and created roosters by painting handprints. Also looking at pictures and videos of the Chinese New Year celebrations in Sydney.

Alexis brought in a Wiggles book that we read at our group time. To extend on the children's interest in the Wiggles, we sang Wiggle songs before using the dancing ribbons to the Wiggles music. We also discussed the different Wiggle characters.

As the children have been very interested in watching the different types of trucks at the construction site next door. We discussed the different types and names of trucks, learning some new ones. We also found more trucks, cars and construction hats in the store room for the children to further explore.

No update.

We have had another great week in the Snugglepot room. This week we have been very busy being creative lots of different artworks to display in our room. We have created a beautiful wall of flowers, complete with grass and a sun made from our handprints. We also made some ice cream paintings and celebrated Miss Amy's birthday with some balloon paintings.

The water play and sandpit have been very popular activities outside this week and the children have also enjoyed challenging themselves on the obstacle course.

Miss Hayley Miss Shelley Miss Julie Miss Kiah Miss Jackie, Miss Amy and Miss Emily

Stay tuned next week we have all sorts of different activities planned

Welcome to the Snugglepot room, we look forward to getting to know you and building many positive relationships with you and your children. If you have any questions or queries about the room please do not hesitate to talk to one of the friendly staff members.

This week we have been getting to know each other, having lots of fun exploring all the new environments. With the weather being so hot, water play has been very popular. We have added some boats and marine animals to the water play to continue with the children’s interests.

Mila bought in a book about summer and gardens which we read at group time. To extend on this we have been creating our own garden, which is displayed on the wall, making all sorts of different flowers.

Hannah’s dad told us that she loves cats, so to extend on Hannah’s interest and build on her sense of belonging, we made our own cats to display in room, using doylies and pipe cleaners.

Next week is Australia week and we have lots of fun activities planned. If you have anything you would like to contribute to the room or any hidden talents, we would love to have you. Have a great weekend.

Miss Hayley, Miss Shelley, Miss Kiah, Miss Emily, Miss Julie, Miss Jackie, Miss Georgia and Miss Amy.