sunggle pots updates

Last week in the Snugglepot's room the sandpit was a very big interest as Callum and Blade dug around and made their own tracks and their worksite. Miss Ashlea and some other educators took the children over to the field where there is a mountain of dirt that they can experiment with. The children very much enjoyed the dirt pile as they took trucks and tractors over and made their own play area in it and dug and built their own tracks.

Last week was recycling week. The educators talked to the children about what colours the bins were and what sort of products we could put in them and what products we could recycle. We also talked about the environment and sustainability what it is.

Over the lovely weather we have had on the weekends the children have enjoyed going to the beach with their families. From family input we extended their interest from the beach such as making playdoh and getting the seashells out and listening to the ocean in them. The children made some wonderful things with the playdoh and used their imagination.

Don't forget our great Christmas concert that the Snugglepot's very much enjoy. Don't forget to put the date in your diary.

Hope to see you all there. The Snugglepot educators.