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Finally some much needed temporary assistance for our families who are finding it hard due to a change in circumstances beyond their control.

Please speak to our staffs for more information about the below process of applying if you need some temporary assistance.

What is the Additional Child Care Subsidy (temporary financial hardship)
Additional Child Care Subsidy (temporary financial hardship) is a short-term payment from the Australian Government to help families experiencing significant financial stress with the cost of child care. This payment will help with the continuity of child care for children and provide support to families when they need it most.

Who can get the Additional Child Care Subsidy (temporary financial hardship)?
Additional Child Care Subsidy (temporary financial hardship) is available to families who are eligible for the Child Care Subsidy (which can be applied for at the same time) and where an individual is experiencing temporary financial hardship which has caused a substantial reduction in their ability to pay child care fees due to:

• the death of a partner or child of the individual
• unexpected loss of employment of the individual,  or a partner of the individual, other than due to resignation or retirement
• loss of income or business failure of an individual, or the partner of the individual, due to circumstances outside of their, or their partner’s, control (such as serious illness)
• loss of income of the individual, due to the death of a former partner who was providing ongoing financial assistance in relation to their child
• the individual, or their partner, has been adversely affected by a major disaster event
• destruction of, or severe damage to, the individual, or their partner’s, home
• the individual having to leave home and not being able to return because of an extreme circumstance (such as domestic violence)
• where an individual is still living at home and a family member has left or has been removed because of domestic violence against the individual.

To receive the subsidy, families need to apply for temporary financial hardship assistance within six months from the date of the event. Evidence will be required to support the application and may include, but is not limited to, a letter from an employer (for loss of job), statutory declaration outlining the nature of the temporary hardship, medical certificate or death certificate.

Evidence will also need to show the circumstance/event occurred within six months from the date of application and identify how the event has resulted in a substantial reduction in their ability to pay child care fees.

How many hours of child care subsidy will an eligible family receive?
Families who are eligible for the Additional Child Care Subsidy (temporary financial hardship) will not have to meet the activity test. This means they will be entitled to access up to 100 hours of subsidised child care per fortnight.

Eligible families will receive a subsidy equal to the actual fee charged by the child care service, up to 120 per cent of the Child Care Subsidy hourly rate cap, whichever is lower. In most cases, the full cost of child care will be covered.

How will the subsidy be paid?
The Additional Child Care Subsidy (temporary financial hardship) is paid directly to child care providers to reduce the cost of child care fees. The subsidy is paid for a maximum of 13 weeks per event.

How do families apply for the Additional Child Care Subsidy (temporary financial hardship)?
Families can apply for the subsidy by accessing their Centrelink online account through myGov or by visiting a Centrelink office and applying in person.

What if a family’s circumstances change?
Families need to let Centrelink know as soon as possible if their circumstances change that might affect their eligibility for this additional subsidy.

Dear Families and Carers,

As mentioned in previous communications the COVID-19 situation is rapidly changing and will continue to do so over the coming weeks and months.

Each day we are continuing to clean & sterilise the Erina kindergarten facilities & we have had a large clean & sterilise of the entire service over the weekend as we always do at Erina kindergarten.

We are now at a level 3 containment stage & we will now need to isolate our individual rooms and offices at Erina kindergarten so staffs & families do not go between different areas at the kindergarten. We will be allocating resources to assist families with drop off & pickup from each of the areas.

We have received a further update as to restrictions on overseas travel. Due to the nature of the Childcare Centre environment we have to put in place stricter restrictions as we cannot socially isolate ourselves or the children in our care.

Social isolation refers to keeping a 2 metre distance between yourself and another individual. As such the following restriction will be added to those  communicated on Friday 13 March 2020;

Erina kindergarten will continue follow and stay abreast of NSW health guidelines to ensure safe practices are implemented continuously as a priority at Erina kindergarten.

NSW Health is continuing to trace and respond to cases as they are diagnosed to slow any spread of COVID-19 in the community.

To help protect the erina kindergarten and general central coast community families, staffs are asked to:
• clean your hands thoroughly for at least 20 seconds with soap and water, or an alcohol-based hand rub
• cover your nose and mouth when coughing and sneezing with tissue or a flexed elbow
• avoid close contact with anyone with cold or flu-like symptoms
• stay home if you are sick or your children/family are sick

Please be assured, NSW Health notifies the public of any locations where there has been a risk of infection. This is so members of the public can monitor their symptoms and seek medical assistance if they become unwell.

Anyone diagnosed with COVID-19 and their close contacts goes into self-isolation to ensure there is no ongoing risk of infection

A close contact is someone who has been face to face for at least 15 minutes, or been in the same closed space for at least 2 hours. 

Locations where these cases live, work or have visited do not pose any ongoing risk to the public.

For more information visit: https://www.health.nsw.gov.au/Infectious/diseases/Pages/coronavirus.aspx

As of 13 March 2020 any family or staffs who has travelled to any destination internationally in the past 14 days is required to self-isolate for a further 14 days.

This means that you may not attend the centre for 14 days from the date of return from your trip.

Please contact Erina Kindergarten should you have travelled or are planning to travel internationally in the near future.

We also ask that you continue to monitor your children’s health and should they become unwell please isolate them until you are able to obtain clearance from a medical practitioner.

Erina kindergarten continues to closely monitor the COVID-19 (‘novel coronavirus’) situation and is taking advice from NSW Health and our childcare advisory to ensure we are responding appropriately in the best interests of our students, staff and childcare communities.

As of this date, we have still not had to close any childcare nor have we been notified of any confirmed case of COVID-19 in our childcare system.

We do note however that there a number of cases of corona virus cases confirmed now within the central coast community.

Again, I ask that parents and carers:
• continue to monitor your child’s health carefully;
• promote good hygiene including handwashing often with soap and water; and
• keep your child home if they are unwell.

Coronavirus: Childcare centres in New South Wales will begin social distancing which means the cancellation of centre assemblies, excursions, staff group training/meetings other events and conferences.

More: 7news.link/39QQ0lj

NSW Education Statement: The NSW Department of Education is introducing proactive measures to limit the impact of COVID-19 in our childcare centres & schools. Mark Scott, Secretary of the Department of Education today announced that childcares & schools would adopt social distancing measures requiring them to cancel assemblies, excursions, travel, staff group meetings & some events, group training and conferences. These measures are precautionary and designed to reduce exposure via non-essential gatherings. Childcare & schools have been a focus of the community and the government as the impacts of coronavirus have developed globally.

From Monday onwards our Childcare assemblies and substantial gatherings will be cancelled, along with all excursions. The central coast community expects childcares and schools to be as safe as possible. We are implementing these measures to provide peace of mind for students, parents and staff.

These cancellations also extend to inter-community social, sports, initiative activities and events. All major Sport and initiative community activities and events will temporarily be ceased until further notice. I trust our Director and educators to show leadership during this time. Our centre will be provided with more detailed advice and suggestions on how they can adjust their day to day activities with minimal disruption.

#Coronavirus #7NEWS

We thank you for your assistance during this difficult time. We will continue to monitor the situation and will keep our community updated.

About Erina Kindergarten

Located in the leafy sub-coastal suburb of Erina, our facility is your premium centre for early learning. Early experiences and environment shape and influence your children and prepare them for their futures. By providing a caring and nurturing environment we build on your children’s home experiences and work closely with our parents to provide a fun learning environment with a holistic approach to reading, writing, numeracy, environmental awareness and sustainability.

Why Choose Us?

Your children will enjoy a happy and caring environment set in a beautiful bushland setting. Our staff love the journey they undertake with each child
Your children can play and learn in a safe, caring environment where they are nurtured and encouraged to explore many different activities
Early Learning
We have a thorough program of early learning activities in literacy and numeracy that helps prepare your children for their transition to 'Big School' with confidence
Our holistic learning approach incorporates healthy eating plans and various interactive gardening activities. Your children will learn real life skills about self sufficiency and sustainability

Educators of the month


Miss Teya

At Erina Kindergarten we pride ourselves on having high quality Educators that have been apart of our team for many years. We like to recognise Educators that have demonstrated excellence by awarding them with an Educator of the Month Award.

This month Miss Teya in the Gumnuts received one for creating meaningful experiences for the children to engage in, bringing in resources she has collected from home.

Please remember we are happy to take nominations from families also!


Miss Laura

Miss Laura in the Joeys also received one for role modelling good teamwork and supporting her Joey educators.

Please remember we are happy to take nominations from families also!

Meals at Erina Kindergarten

At Erina we work closely with a team of qualified chefs and nutritionists to produce creative and delicious meals in separate preparation areas to suit children with allergies or cultural preferences. Homemade meals are prepared fresh daily. We are always on top of the latest advice about the most balanced diet for children, and our internationally recognised HACCP certified food production kitchen is equipped to cater for all your child’s meal requirements. You child will be exposed to a world of flavours and textures and nutritious meals every day!

Our meals are supplemented by a large selection of fresh fruit and raw vegetable crudités to serve with morning and afternoon tea, as well as fresh, steamed vegetables for lunch. All our meals are freshly prepared with high-quality, seasonal ingredients so you can be assured your child is receiving all the nutrients each day that’s exceeds the national dietary guidelines for children whilst in our care at Erina Kindergarten.


A big shoutout congratulations to our lovely bubbly Miss Samanta as voted by parents as our best educator at #Erina #kindergarten! Always so welcoming & friendly to our families we look forward to another year at with you in our #bushbabies room! We are proud to have you as a member of our Erina kindergarten...

A big congratulations to Miss Rie as voted best educator of the year at #Erina #kindergarten as voted by the team at Erina kindergarten. Miss Rie is always so kind and actively engaged with the children and always such a hard worker! Miss Rie is a diploma trained educator at Erina kindergarten and will be...

A big congratulations to Mr Jye as voted best trainee of the year at #Erina #kindergarten! Mr Jye is always so engaged with the children and always puts his best foot forward in everything he does! Jye has now been offered to undertake his diploma at Erina kindergarten which he will be commencing in 2020!...

A huge congratulations to the wonderful Miss Kelly for #teamleader of the year at #Erina #kindergarten! Miss kelly is an inspirational team leader who is an exceptional leader & is always a pleasure to work with! Miss kelly will be leading the #gumnuts team in 2020 in conjunction with Miss Nadine. We are so very...

A big congratulations to Miss Tani for being voted as educator who always goes the extra mile at Erina kindergarten! Tani is currently completing her diploma at #Erina #kindergarten and always puts her best foot forward in all that she does! Tani you are a true inspiration to our team at Erina Kindergarten so please...

A big congratulations to Miss Tash for being voted educator who always makes us laugh at #Erina #kindergarten! Miss Tash is caring, fun loving educator at Erina kindergarten & we are proud to have you as a member of our team! Keep on making us smile Miss Tash!

A big congratulations to Miss Ellie for being voted for educator as having the most patience at Erina kindergarten! Miss Ellie is a valued member of our team at Erina kindergarten. Keep up the great work Miss Ellie!

Farewell & best wishes to Miss Ash wishing you all best with your future endeavours! Enjoy your time off from work & your holiday!! Congrats to Miss Mel & Miss kelly for your promotions to  Erina kindergarten management! We look forward to working with you to achieve lots of great new experiences at Erina kindergarten!

Marine discovery excursion to TERRIGAL. So educational for our wonderful inquisitive preschoolers.

As part of our growing sustainability initiatives we have introduced native stingless bees to our garden at #Erina #kindergarten! These bees are easy and very safe to keep on our premises. Stingless bees only produce small amounts of honey – less than one litre per year. However, this honey (known as Sugarbag) is delicious and...

Some action shots of our #gumnuts munch and move initiative at #Erina #kindergarten we did some yoga with Miss Teya which involved lots of dinosaur poses were by far most popular ones! Great work team gumnuts!

Our active Gumnuts at Erina Kindergarten are loving the newest addition to our extensive yard, our wonderful rainbow snake! Our gumnuts spend so much time in the sandpit building and creating things each day. Thanks, Mr Matt for making our yard look so fabulous!

Engaging shape dominos games with Miss Wendy in the #emus room at #erina #kindergarten. The wonderful Miss Wendy & Miss Kiara are  always actively engages in with the students to help to build a bond with the children and strengthen their sense of belonging and identity. Great job team #emus!

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