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Welcome to Erina Kindergarten. We’d like to take this opportunity to introduce some of our team members.
This video will change regularly so please visit often.

About Erina Kindergarten

Located in the leafy sub-coastal suburb of Erina, our facility is your premium centre for early learning. Early experiences and environment shape and influence your children and prepare them for their futures. By providing a caring and nurturing environment we build on your children’s home experiences and work closely with our parents to provide a fun learning environment with a holistic approach to reading, writing, numeracy, environmental awareness and sustainability.

• we create a culture of safety
• we screen, appoint and train staff & volunteers in child safety practices & procedures
• we ensure there are practices & procedures and a code of practices in place at all times
• we integrate risk management practices
• we regularly review child safety standards and practices
• we ensure there are emergency and reporting protocols in place
ERINA kindergarten is a committed advocate for child protection, safety & wellbeing. The safety of children will always be our priority and all team members are expected to embrace this shared commitment.

On 18th March its National Day of Action against bullying and violence & we wish to get creative behind this amazing initiate to do our part in assisting our community in kindness culture & assist in preventing bullying from happening in our community.

At Erina kindergarten we wish to run some small group discussions with our educators in each room allowing the children to examine negative behaviours in a safe environment. We wish to explore healthy relationships and what these are defined as.

The NDA gives our centre the opportunity to:

• promote bullying prevention initiatives

• raise awareness of how to prevent and respond to bullying

• showcase the bullying prevention work that happens throughout the year

• highlight steps taken to create inclusive childcare communities that are safe from bullying

• share how they take action and empower children and young people, staff, families and the community to be part of the solution

• send a clear message that bullying is not accepted within the childcare gates and beyond.

How we as a team can get involved at Erina kindergarten!

The 12th National Day of Action is on Friday 18 March 2022.

Theme: kindness culture

There are lots of ways to celebrate and promote the bullying prevention work of your school. Some of the activities we will include

• student led initiatives

• classroom activities

• whole of childcare activities

• events to promote and celebrate the National Day of Action

• staff training

• parent engagement

• partner with a community organisation to extend our efforts beyond the childcare gates.

Our childcare centre is thinking creatively about ways to celebrate in 2022. Covid-safe activities will include:

• investing in new resources to support bullying prevention in classrooms

• exploring creative ways to celebrate childcare identity through dance or music

• collaborative art pieces or displays that bring together individual contributions

• virtual guest speaker or webinar presentations from trained professionals

• an educator designed library display

Register with ‘Bullying, No Way!’

Our centre will be registering our participation in bullying no way.

This is a visible statement of our centres commitment to keeping children and young people safe from bullying.

See the Bullying. No Way! website  for more information.



Why Choose Us?

Your children will enjoy a happy and caring environment set in a beautiful bushland setting. Our staff love the journey they undertake with each child
Your children can play and learn in a safe, caring environment where they are nurtured and encouraged to explore many different activities
Early Learning
We have a thorough program of early learning activities in literacy and numeracy that helps prepare your children for their transition to 'Big School' with confidence
Our holistic learning approach incorporates healthy eating plans and various interactive gardening activities. Your children will learn real life skills about self sufficiency and sustainability

Staff Member of the month


Miss Jemma

At Erina Kindergarten we pride ourselves on having high quality Educators. We like to recognise Educators that have demonstrated excellence by awarding them with an Educator of the Month Award along with a $100 gift voucher. This month our educator of the month goes to Miss Jemma ( trainee) in the Joeys for interactions with the children & educators, dedication to the Joeys room and she is motivated to learn and  she is already writing curriculum reflections.

Meals at Erina Kindergarten

At Erina we work closely with a team of qualified chefs and nutritionists to produce creative and delicious meals in separate preparation areas to suit children with allergies or cultural preferences. Homemade meals are prepared fresh daily. We are always on top of the latest advice about the most balanced diet for children, and our internationally recognised HACCP certified food production kitchen is equipped to cater for all your child’s meal requirements. You child will be exposed to a world of flavours and textures and nutritious meals every day!

Our meals are supplemented by a large selection of fresh fruit and raw vegetable crudités to serve with morning and afternoon tea, as well as fresh, steamed vegetables for lunch. All our meals are freshly prepared with high-quality, seasonal ingredients so you can be assured your child is receiving all the nutrients each day that’s exceeds the national dietary guidelines for children whilst in our care at Erina Kindergarten.


The educators are all lovely and seem to genuinely delight in and care for the children. My child has a lot of fun through play and exposure to different activities. Detail to Centre- upgrades and improvements as well as experiences for the children are amazing! Mel and Kelly and Kelly M – you guys are...

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If you have any problem with our enrolment process please contact us.

361 Terrigal drive, Erina NSW 2250
02 4367 7285

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