We sincerely understand the African proverb “It takes a whole village to raise a child”. This beautiful saying means it takes all the people involved in the life of a child to give their best in doing their part in the raising of a child.
Partnerships with families permit for educators and parents to work and communicate collaboratively to give your child the best possible outcome for development. Therefore, at Erina Kindergarten we will communicate with you daily about your child and understand attitudes and expectations for your child’s development.

Each team member will talk to you about your child’s learning throughout the day, so you know how your child is developing on a daily basis.

You will receive your child’s room learning story via Xplor daily. Storypark provides a secure way to share information and real-time updates of your child’s day on your smart device or via the web. This App creates strong partnerships between educators and families with the help of 2-way communication: documenting and keeping the families engaged by showing you what your child is doing throughout the day.

You can download OWNA on the AppStore

The Centre also publishes a newsletter which includes photos, Centre updates, news and upcoming events.

Throughout the year at Erina Kindergarten, all families are provided with an opportunity to attend information sessions where you hear from our centre managers, our educators and learn about your child’s developmental progress.

Social events are also held at your Centre where you’ll meet other families and enjoy celebrations with your children. These include morning and afternoon teas, BBQs, celebrating special events on the calendar, fundraising events and many more.

Notice boards are situated within each centre. These contain information concerning community events, our weekly menu & monthly newsletters. Please check these notice boards regularly so that you can remain a “well-informed” parent. Each contains a family information area where you will be able to view the activities of the day and the weekly curriculum for your room.

Each child in our Centre on request, is issued with a book to provide an important link between parents and carers. We understand that you do not always have a lot of time at drop-off or collection, so these books allow messages to be shared between you and us. Amongst other things, we will note meals, sleeps and toilets throughout the day (most appropriate for babies and toddlers), and in case these things are not discussed on collection, you can refer to it once you get home. Communication with educators and families can also be made through OWNA.

Our Service has a social media accounts to communicate and share information with our Service families and community.

These include – Facebook & Instagram. It is completely up to the Parent / Guardian if you would like to authorise the Educators to add photos of your child to these sites. Our Instagram is an extremely private and secure page and our Facebook page is a business page where we rarely have photos of the children, but it can be a possibility. Please specify in the enrolment form if you approve or do not approve of social media.

In relation to Social Media the Approved Provider or Nominated Supervisor will:
• obtain authorisation from a child’s parents before posting any photos of their child on-line.
• obtain families’ consent to what information will be posted on-line, and how it will be shared.
• ensure personal information about families and children is not posted online, including information that could identify them e.g. address.
• set high privacy or security settings on the account and consider whether to restrict access e.g. through the establishment of a group account where families are invited to join.

• regularly change passwords to the account.
• activate password-protected screen savers on all computers at the Service and ensure all social media users at the Service always log off before leaving.
• administer the social media page to maintain strict control of the information that is added.
• manage our Service’s social media account.
• regularly scan online content related to the Service.

Statements of accounts will be sent on Monday mornings, these statements will show the previous weeks attendance and receipt of payment along with the current and following weeks charges, please notify us immediately if you have any queries with your account balance to Billing cycles can be weekly or fortnightly. Fortnightly is preferred in alignment with how the new Childcare subsidy is charged. Accounts need to remain one week in advance at all times.

Thank you, Management of Erina Kindergarten