Our Playground


At Erina kindergarten, we offer families a unique experience by offering separated large external shaded play areas according to age group. This allows staff the opportunity to work more one on one with age-specific children and cater specifically to individual age group’s needs. This also avoids accidents with smaller children being hurt by older children who can sometimes be unintentionally rough in the playground. We are the only childcare on the Central Coast to offer this to families and our families always see this as an advantage over other centres where children of different age groups are placed together in a large play area. Our separate play areas are purpose-built to ensure your child is in a safe environment that fosters a sense of discovery and adventure – where they create their own stories, build relationships, solve problems and refine motor skills.

At Erina kindergarten, we believe play is an integral part of learning, and at Erina kindergarten, our large natural play areas are constructed and customised to promote imaginative and interactive play. We offer lots of daily diversified purpose built activities to engage children’s imagination. As part our strategy to continually improve we have made extensive improvements and offer continuous improvement to our large outdoor natural and sustainable playground areas. We have extensively renovated all external areas to maximise your child’s imaginative & interactive play experience complete with interactive musical instruments, vegetable gardens, interactive water play features, sandpits and mud kitchens plus much more!

Also our Centre offers children the opportunity to interact with some friendly rabbits, guinea pigs & parrots. Children are encouraged to participate with the animals & be involved in their care – developing a sense of responsibility and cooperation.

As Erina kindergarten has the largest kindergarten footprint on land in NSW we want to enhance the use our outdoor areas so to ensure all the children in our care are encouraged to be active and healthy!

Erina kindergarten promotes  active healthy children and engaging children’s imagination through interactive indoor/outdoor play! We use natural sustainable play environments to encourage children to be active and learn through play.