Our Vision

Our vision is to generate a wholehearted and all-encompassing family atmosphere where all educators and families feel enthused to work together as a team whilst concentrating on the delivery of a energetic learning environment to ensure that each child understands their full potential. This is regardless of race, gender, age, capability, social rank or family assembly. We value the diverse gifts that each child brings to our community and encircle the many world cultures represented to the custom. We rejoice our culturally diverse roots for the prosperity of knowledge and empathy they bring to our community and Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander cultures, identities and connections to community and country are valued.

Our Mission

Our mission is to work mutually to build a safe, courteous and nurturing environment focused on maximising each child’s sense of wellbeing and attainment of life skills and learning (belonging, being and becoming).

Our goals in achieving this are;

Respect and Dignity

We aim to ensure that each child is given the chance to play, ascertain and flourish in an ambiance of care and shared respect where their self-worth and rights are valued and supported at all times.

Emotional security

We are to shape warm, dutiful and significant relationships between all our children, families and educators in order to create a community of young learners which is a support system for all. We know that respect comes from being recognised, understood and empathised within relationships that have meaning and understand the significance of founding an expressively secure basis based on respect in order to support each child’s developing sense of self and understanding for others.


To inspire our team and work together to continually evolve as a service, through our commitment to continuous improvement and acting in the best interests of children at all times, to establish and embed exceeding levels of practice.