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At Erina kindergarten we are unique in that our rooms allow children to be grouped according to their age group and learning needs. Children transition between rooms throughout the year in accordance with their age together with consideration for their individual stage of learning, development and needs. Our management and admin front office team are responsible for contacting all families whose children are due to transition to a new room. If your child is due to transition between rooms throughout the year the front admin team will contact families directly. Please refer all questions regarding your child’s room transitions to the admin office or management team in the office rather than your individual room from which your child is transitioning. Prior to children transitioning we will implement a new room orientation routine with your child. This will support them to gradually transition and get used to the new room environment & to establish new relationships with educators and children, whilst engaging in a new room routine. The rooms will provide you with feedback in regard to these transitions & advise how you child is progressing in regards to the new room transition. As we value our partnerships with families, any information you are able to provide us to assist in these transitions will be greatly appreciated. If you have any questions please contact us on 0243677285 or email us at

Please see the table below that outlines how the children may transition throughout the service as they learn and grow.