eating healthy

Erina Kindergarten has adopted the Rainbow Food Initiative!

We offer your children the opportunity to eat all of the colours of the rainbow whilst in our care environment.

By exposing children to a variety of healthy, nutritional & colourful food at an early age assists in influencing them to make healthy choices in the future.

We will teach the children about where their food comes from and involve them in growing a variety of fruits, vegetables and herbs. This includes the cycle from beginning to end by using our compost & worm farms to promote healthy soil using the “worm tea.” How rewarding will it be to be able to harvest and eat what we have grown ourselves!

Below you can discover their 6 week rotating menu cycle which you will see the rainbow of amazing foods that your child will be offered.

The menu also includes purees for the little ones, a fantastic variety of alternate meals for children with allergies and all meats included in the menu are Halal Certified (a certificate can be provided upon request).